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The SnapScale X2 from Overland Storage is a clustered NAS solution that solves the problems of traditional storage by enabling organizations with rapid or unpredictable data growth to scale capacity and performance infinitely without adding management complexity. Built on Overland Storage RAINcloud OS technology, SnapScale eliminates islands of storage, enabling easy and affordable scaling without having to predict capacity in advance. Offering user selectable levels of data redundancy, SnapScale writes data across multiple nodes and drives simultaneously for instant protection and high availability by ensuring no single point of failure ever exists. The SnapScale hardware architecture and “single pane of glass” management creates a consistent user experience while both managing the existing Global Namespace and scaling storage as needed, without additional layers of administration.

With This Product You Can...
Expand capacity and performance, as well as redundancy without adding complexity
Manage a large Global Namespace through an intuitive interface
Automate the protection of critical data and ensure no single point of failure
Scale Up or Scale Out by adding drives or nodes to expand capacity in an existing cluster

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