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San Jose, California-based OCZ Storage Solutions - A Toshiba Group Company, is a global leader in the design and manufacturing of industry-leading solid state drives (SSDs), a disruptive, game-changing technology that is replacing traditional rotating magnetic hard disk drives (HDDs). OCZ develops best-in-class solid state drive solutions for professionals, enthusiasts, and gamers, and is committed to driving storage innovation. With a rich portfolio of consumer SSD offerings for laptop, desktop, and workstation applications covering a range of popular interfaces and media formats, our SSDs utilize proprietary in-house controllers and firmware to deliver exceptional I/O performance, differentiated features, lower power consumption and superior reliability, all of which translate into faster file transfers, instant system boot-ups, and an enhanced computing or gaming experience.

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A Foundation for Leadership

OCZ Technology was founded by enthusiasts, for enthusiasts, and our commitment to that end-user group has not digressed. Entering the memory market in 2002, OCZ was built around the determination to manufacture the very best high-speed memory for overclockers. In this pursuit, OCZ became the first manufacturer to make dual channel optimized memory kits available to the public, which originally took advantage of NVIDIA's Twinbank, or Dual DDR architecture, found in their nForce chipset. Over the last decade, we have maintained that thirst for innovation and performance leadership in multiple categories including power management and solid state storage.

Commitment to Excellence

Today, OCZ, a member of JEDEC, is a leader in the design and manufacture of SSDs for both the consumer and enterprise markets and continues to be a front-runner in the industry. OCZ has also transformed the enthusiast and gaming power supply market, designing a high performance line of power supply units (PSUs) over the course of the last five years that achieved hundreds of accolades from top industry press. PSUs have become a significant hub of innovation and milestones for OCZ. Most notably, our Z-Series was the first 80 Plus Gold certified PSU to hit the market.

In 2007, PC Power & Cooling was brought into the OCZ Technology Group, forming a well-rounded, highly innovative organization that placed the company at the forefront of enthusiast and industrial grade power management. PC Power has produced many pioneering products including the first CPU cooler, the first PC heat alarm, the first independently-regulated PC power supply, the first redundant power system, the first NVIDIA certified SLI supply, the first One Kilowatt computer power supply, and the first power supply with its own certified test report.

Paving the Way to the Future

In recent years, OCZ has expanded beyond memory and power supplies, being one of the first major consumer brands to bring solid state drives to the market in a mission to spark mainstream adoption over traditional hard drives. Putting an end to the acceptance of slower, less reliable storage options, OCZ set out to deliver affordable, premium high-performance SSD solutions. OCZ was the first manufacturer to implement the renowned performance of the Indilinx Barefoot controller in their SSD solutions with the ground-breaking Vertex Series, which paved the way for a surge of “me-too” solutions. Determined to remain innovative, OCZ developed two unique SSD series, Vertex Turbo and Agility, focused on higher performance and greater affordability. Furthermore, OCZ’s concern with SSD performance degradation spawned its quest for the “garbage collection” and TRIM support found in OCZ SSDs today.

With fortitude unlike any other company, OCZ continues to lead the way for this burgeoning technology. SSDs have the potential to revolutionize our everyday computing experience or even an entire business’ productivity and OCZ is dedicated to making them even better, faster, and more reliable. Our latest and next generation of SSDs are designed with both the consumer and enterprise market in mind, forming a distinct company philosophy of affordability and quality that goes into both product lines.