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Western Digital SiliconEdge Blue SSC-D0128SC-2100 SATA 3Gb/s 128GB SSD

Western Digital SiliconEdge Blue SSC-D0128SC-2100 SATA 3Gb/s 128GB SSD
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Western Digital
SiliconEdge Blue
SATA 3Gb/s

Other capacities:64GB256GB
32000 pictures
32000 songs
51 DVD films
128GB Data
Super Fast R/W Speed
250MB/s Read speed
3yr Warranty

Not available
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Toshiba HG5d 2.5"/7mm SSD THNSNH128GCST SATA 6Gb/s 128GB SSD
ex.VAT £64.00 £76.80
HG5d 2.5"/7mm SSD

Western Digital SiliconEdge Blue SSC-D0128SC-2100 SATA 3Gb/s 128GB SSD

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WD SiliconEdge Blue
SATA Solid State Drives
64 GB, 2.5-inch, MLC

Fast and rugged.

These highly rugged, lightning-fast solid state drives are designed for technology enthusiasts who want faster speed for their notebook and desktop PCs and OEMs who need high-performance, read-intensive solutions.

256 GB 128 GB 64 GB

WD quality and reliability.
Advanced speed.

Extremely rugged.
Before we put the WD brand on our SSDs, they are designed and tested in WD's FIT Lab to pass our rigorous data integrity and reliability screening.

Fast gaming, multimedia and application loading.
With no moving parts, these SSDs deliver maximum tolerance for drops, shock and vibration.

These solid state drives will satisfy the most demanding technology enthusiasts and bring a new level of performance and ruggedness to laptop and desktop PCs. They are also perfect for read-intensive OEM applications that require high-performance at an affordable cost.

Product Features

Solid state drives with WD quality and reliability - Protecting your data is in our DNA. With years of experience building drives that watch over data, we understand the exacting requirements needed to keep your data safe. These SSDs are no exception. Before we put the WD brand on them, they are designed and tested in WD's Fit Lab on hundreds of systems to pass our rigorous data integrity and reliability screening.
Fast data transfer - Up to 250 MB/s read and up to 170 MB/s write transfer rates allow your system to run faster so you can work more efficiently.
SSDs for extreme conditions - Because there are no moving parts, these rugged SSDs deliver a high tolerance for shock, vibration and extreme environments. Perfect for notebook computers that live on the edge.
Low power consumption - Translates to longer battery life for portable computers.
Advanced wear-leveling - Lengthens SSD life and preserves speed with a combination of dynamic and static wear-leveling algorithms designed to overcome performance degradation that occurs as a result of continual heavy use.
TRIM command support (Windows 7) - Helps maintain the SSD's performance throughout its lifespan.
Native Command Queuing (NCQ) - Increases the performance of SATA drives by placing read/write commands in the optimal sequential order for the fastest execution.
Advanced error correction - Enables error-free data transmission by deploying advanced correction technologies to detect and correct errors.
Data integrity protection - Helps ensure data integrity and availability by preventing data loss from unexpected power loss during write operations.
Compatible - Works in any system that accepts a SATA hard drive with a standard 9.5 mm 2.5-inch form factor.

Physical Specifications
Capacity 64 GB
Interface SATA 3 Gb/s
Form Factor 2.5-inch Drive
RoHS Compliant 6/6

Performance Specifications
Target Performance
Interface Burst Speed 3 Gb/s
Sustained Read Speed Up to 250 MB/s
Sustained Write Speed Up to 170 MB/s
MTBF 1,400,000 hours
Error Rate (non-recoverable) < 1 in 1015 bits read

Operational Lifespan
Read Unlimited
Write 17.5 GB/Day

Physical Specifications
User Sectors Per Drive 125,045,424

Physical Dimensions
Height 0.40 Inches
Length 3.9 Inches
Width 2.75 Inches

Height 9.5 mm
Length 98.9 mm
Width 69.86 mm

Power Management
DC Input Voltage 5V
Read (Peak Watts) 2.00 Watts
Write (Peak Watts) 3.5 Watts
Sleep (Idle Watts) 0.60 Watts

Environmental Specifications
Operating Shock 1000 G, Half-sine, 0.5ms Duration, 50g Pk, MIL-STD-810F, Method 516.5, Procedure I

Temperature (Metric)
Standard Temperature (c) 0° C to 70° C
Non-operating -55°C to 125°C

Operating 8% to 95% Non-condensing

Altitude (English)
Operating 80,000ft, MIL-STD-810F, Method 500.4, Procedure II

Operating 16.3gRMS, MIL-STD-810F, Method 514.5, Procedure I, Category 24

As used for storage capacity, one megabyte (MB) = one million bytes, one gigabyte (GB) = one billion bytes, and one terabyte (TB) = one trillion bytes. Total accessible capacity varies depending on operating environment. As used for buffer or cache, one megabyte (MB) = 1,048,576 bytes. As used for transfer rate or interface, megabyte per second (MB/s) = one million bytes per second, megabit per second (Mb/s) = one million bits per second, and gigabit per second (Gb/s) = one billion bits per second.



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Western Digital
SiliconEdge Blue
SATA 3Gb/s
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