Best and most reliable hard drives for Qnap - compatibility

Cheapest drives for a NAS
The cheapest and yet reliable HDD option is WD Red or Seagate Ironwolf drives. These drive are made for RAID solution with 24/7 access. But these drives will also save some energy and be much quieter than 7200RPM drives. They spin slower and do hibernate when not in use, and still can deliver 200MB/s speed per drive.
Most reliable drives for a NAS
Most reliable drive will be WD Red Pro, WD Gold or Ironwolf Pro drives. The WD Gold drives are made for datacenters with extremely heavy writing expected 24/7. They come with 5 years warranty and probably will last longer then that.
Fastest drives for a NAS
The fastest drives will also be Pro or Gold drives. But absolutely best speed you can expect from SSD like Samsung Evo. They will be more expensive, but you can expect 5 times better speed.
Mixed use drives for a NAS
If you plan to do a little of everything, like Surveillance, Multimedia and backups, then best way to go is NAS drives like WD Red or Seagate Ironwolf.
Compare drives for Qnap. Find the cheapest or best HDD or SSD for your purpose. Sort the list by the column you need! Qnap compatible drive list bellow:
Brand △▽ Model △▽ Series △▽ Capacity △▽ Type △▽ Class △▽ Purpose △▽ Price △▽

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