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DataExpress Caddies

CRU-DataPort DCmini Digital Cinema 3851-6650-00 DCP Hard Plastic Carrying Case for DCmini
CRU-DataPort 3851-6650-00
ex.VAT £16.00 £19.20

DCmini Digital Cinema
CRU-DataPort alternative
CRU-DataPort DX115 MoveDock 6603-4073-0901 USB3 Adapter for DX115 SATA HD Carrier + PSU + EU power lead + USB3.0 cable
CRU-DataPort 6603-4073-0901
ex.VAT £47.90 £57.48

DX115 MoveDock
CRU-DataPort alternative
CRU-DataPort DCP Kit 1 3850-8050-11 Spare Shipping Case for DCP Kit 1 (holds DX115 DC Carrier)
CRU-DataPort 3850-8050-11
ex.VAT £55.20 £66.24

DCP Kit 1
CRU-DataPort alternative
CRU-DataPort DCmini Kit 31330-6600-0000 DCP DCmini Cartridge, in Shipping Case with Custom Foam
CRU-DataPort 31330-6600-0000
ex.VAT £58.90 £70.68

DCmini Kit
CRU-DataPort alternative
CRU-DataPort StorCase DataExpress DX115 DC Digital Cinema 6601-7100-0500 Carrier, SAS/SATA 3Gb/6Gb
CRU-DataPort 6601-7100-0500
ex.VAT £62.90 £75.48

StorCase DataExpress DX115 DC Digital Cinema
CRU-DataPort alternative
CRU-DataPort DX115 MoveDock 3S 6603-6773-0900 USB3+eSATA Adapter for DX115 SATA HD Carrier + PSU + EU power lead + USB3.0 cable
CRU-DataPort 6603-6773-0900
ex.VAT £69.00 £82.80

DX115 MoveDock 3S
CRU-DataPort alternative
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DataExpress Caddies

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Removable data versatility... share it, lock it away or make it mobile. The rugged and reliable Data Express® does it all!

What Makes Data Express Products Superior
The following primer describes some of the key design features incorporated into each Data Express® removable drive enclosure and that justify the claim that StorCase Data Express products are superior to similar competing products.

Inrush Current Control, Soft Start Circuitry & Fuses

"Soft Start" circuitry prevents glitches on the system's power distribution bus during drive carrier insertion and power-up. This circuitry eliminates power supply problems caused by the high demands of inrush current to the drive. Built-in fuses further prevent damage to the system's power bus in the case that a short circuit exists in the drive carrier. Please also refer to Soft Start & Drive Protection.

Drive Spin-down Indication

Turning the Data Express key to the "OFF" position provides the operator with a visual status indication signaling when it is safe to remove the drive carrier from the system. Moving a drive while it is still spinning can cause serious damage since it is still susceptible to operational levels of shock and vibration.

UL/CSA & T¼V-Approved

The Data Express product line has been tested for safety compliance and carries the UL/CSA and TuV marks of approval. (Note: Final system configuration requires that all installed components have been tested and certified by the appropriate safety compliance labs. Any noncompliant component installed into the system will void its overall safety certification status).

Consumers should be careful to look for the marks designating that products have been safety tested and certified and to not assume so without verification.

Products Serialized for Traceability

Product safety certification requires products to be traceable to support issues occurring in the field. All Data Express units are marked with date codes and serial numbers to allow them to be traced in the unlikely event of a problem in the field.

FCC & CE-Compliance Tested

All Data Express products are tested to meet FCC Class "B" and CE requirements, making it easy for integrators to satisfy emission standards for their overall system. To remain FCC compliant, all systems must be retested each time a new component is installed, so using components that have already been certified greatly simplifies system integration and modification.

Consumers should be careful to look for the mark designating that products have been FCC & CE tested and certified and to not assume so without verification.

Connectors Certified to Meet Insertion Claims

StorCase, using independent test labs, can verify that Data Express drive carrier to receiving frame mating connectors meet the inserting rating claims identified in our specifications.

Consumers can, and should demand to see test results confirming rating claims made by enclosure manufacturers.

Plastic Guide Rails, EMI Clips

Plastic guides provide a smooth insertion and removal cycle of the drive carrier. Built-in EMI (Electromagnetic Interference) clips assure a consistent connection between the carrier and chassis ground, improving the ESD (Electrostatic Discharge) tolerance and preventing FCC emissions.

Connector Guide Pins

Aluminum guide pins assure a solid alignment of the connector between the drive carrier and receiving frame, providing true "blind mating" and eliminating the possibility of bent pins.

Low Insertion Force (LIF) Connectors

LIF connectors are designed to allow a smooth insertion and removal of drive carriers. Unlike DIN connectors, LIF connectors are specifically designed for removable system components and therefore include guide pins. DIN connectors are designed for board-to-board system connections where limited insertion and removal are expected.

Female Carrier Connectors

Since the Data Express drive carrier is removable it is important to prevent its mating pins from being exposed. Female connectors eliminate the possibility of bending pins during carrier transportation. Protected pins also prevent the drive from being subjected to ESD during transport or storage.

Thicker PC Boards

All of the primary PC boards used in Data Express products use a generous 0.093" board thickness to protect the mechanical connection between the connector and the PCB from stress and possible compromise when drive carriers are repetitively moved in and out of their receiving frames.

Optical Power Switches

Newer Data Express models incorporate optical switches to turn on power to the drive. This feature eliminates the use of less reliable mechanical switches.

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