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Empty Drive Enclosures

inXtron-Macpower Mvisto/Tvisto Cable 14-344I150002 HDMI-A(19) to VGA AV Cable - Only for Mvisto/Tvisto
inXtron-Macpower 14-344I150002
ex.VAT £5.00 £6.00

Mvisto/Tvisto Cable
inXtron-Macpower alternative
NetStor Drive Tray NA-411B Long Blue for IB-2D, IB-5D (old model)
NetStor NA-411B Long Blue
ex.VAT £8.90 £10.68

Drive Tray
NetStor alternative
NetStor Drive Tray NA-701C Long White for IB-2W, IB-5D, etc
NetStor NA-701C Long White
ex.VAT £9.20 £11.04

Drive Tray
NetStor alternative
NetStor Drive Tray NA-140A Long Black for IB-4D-SM, IB-4R-SM, IB-8D-SJ, IB-8D-SM, IB-5D-SP, IB-10D-SP, etc
NetStor NA-140A Long Black
ex.VAT £10.40 £12.48

Drive Tray
NetStor alternative
inXtron-Macpower Spare PSU 5-pin - 12V/2A for Pleiades/IceCube/Tvisto cases
inXtron-Macpower 5-pin - 12V/2A
ex.VAT £11.10 £13.32

Spare PSU
inXtron-Macpower alternative
inXtron-Macpower Spare PSU Round - 5V/2A for SK2/Daisy cases  - EU CONNECTOR
inXtron-Macpower Round - 5V/2A
ex.VAT £11.80 £14.16

Spare PSU
inXtron-Macpower alternative
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Empty Drive Enclosures

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A disk enclosure is essentially a specialized chassis designed to hold and power disk drives while providing a mechanism to allow them to communicate to one or more separate computers. Drive enclosures provide power to the drives therein and convert the data sent across their native data bus into a format usable by an external connection on the computers to which it is connected. In some cases, the conversion is as trivial as carrying a signal between different connector types. In others, it is so complicated as to require a separate embedded system to retransmit data over connector and signal of a different standard. Factory-assembled external hard disk drives, external DVD-ROM drives, and others are all built around disk enclosures. Bulkier models built around 2.5" & 3.5" hard drives and full-height 5.25" DVD-ROM drives use
enclosures that are often nearly identical to OEM enclosures.

Key benefits to using external disk enclosures include:
Adding additional storage space and media types to small form factor and laptop computers, as well as sealed embedded systems, such as digital video recorders.
Adding more drives to any given server or workstation than their chassis can hold.
Transferring data between non-networked computers, jokingly known as sneakernet.
Adding a backup source with a separate power supply from the connected computer.
Sharing the data on a drive in a network-aware enclosure.
Preventing the heat from a disk drive from increasing the heat inside an operating computer case.
Simple and cheap approach to hot swapping.
Recovering the data from a broken or damaged computer.
Lower the cost of removable storage by reusing hardware designed for internal use.
More memory than CDs, DVDs, and Flash Drives.
Better protection of files from damage, age, weathering, and corruption, than CDs, DVDs, and Flash Drives.

Consumer enclosures
In the consumer market, commonly used configurations of drive enclosures utilize magnetic hard drives or optical disc drives inside of USB, FireWire, or Serial ATA enclosures. External 3.5" floppy drive are also fairly common, following a trend to not integrate floppy drives into compact and laptop computers, started by Apple Computer with their iMac. Pre-built external drives are available through all major manufacturers of hard drives, as well as several third-parties.

Form factors
"5.25 inch" drive: (5.75 in x 1.63 in x 8 in = 146.1 mm x 41.4 mm x 203 mm)
Most desktop models of drives for optical 120-mm disks (DVD-ROM or CD-ROM drives, CD or DVD burners), are designed to be mounted into a so-called "5.25-inch slot", which obtained its nickname because this slot size was initially used by drives for 5.25-inch diameter floppy disks in the IBM PC AT. (The original "5.25-inch slot" in the IBM PC was with 3.25 in (82.6 mm) twice as high as the one commonly used today.)
"3.5 inch" drive: (1 in x 4 in x 5.75 in = 25.4 mm x 101.6 mm x 146.05 mm)
This smaller, 4-inch wide disk-drive form factor was introduced with the IBM PS/2 series in 1987, which included drives of this size for 90-mm ("3.5-inch") floppy disks. This form factor is today used by most desktop hard drives. They usually have 10 mounting holes with American 6-32 UNC 2B threads: three on each side and four on the bottom.
"2.5 inch" drive: (0.374 in x 2.75 in x 3.945 in = 9.5 mm x 69.85 mm x 100.2 mm)
This even smaller, 2.75-inch wide form factor is widely used today for hard disks in many mobile devices (laptops, music players, etc.)
"1.8 inch" drive: (?)
Used in ipod's classic, now there are several usb enclosures with such hard drives (eg. by LaCie).
A range of other form factors has emerged for mobile devices. While laptop hard drives are today generally of the 9.5 mm high variant of the "2.5 inch" drive form factor, older laptops and notebooks had hard drives that varied in height, which can make it difficult to find a well-fitting chassis. Laptop optical drives require "slim" 5.25" enclosures, since they have approximately half the thickness of their desktop counterparts, and most models use a special 50-pin connector that differs from the 40-pin connectors used on desktop ATA drives.

While they are less common now than they once were, it is also possible to purchase a drive chassis and mount that will convert a 3.5" hard drive into a removable hard disk that can be plugged into and removed from a mounting bracket permanently installed in a desktop PC case. The mounting bracket carries the data bus and power connections over a proprietary connector, and converts back into the drive's native data bus format and power connections inside the drive's chassis.

Enterprise enclosures
In enterprise storage the term disk enclosure may refer to:
The physical chassis of a more complex storage array either in a Network-attached storage or Storage area network environment.
The entire set of components used to attach drives directly to a server. These may include a backplane, temperature sensors, enclosure management devices, and power supplies.

This article is licensed under the GNU Free Documentation License. It uses material from the following Wiki article(s) :
* Disk_enclosure

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