Compare 10Gbe NAS

Find the cheapest 10Gbe NAS. List is sorted by price - cheapest first. Find the best solution based on brand name. Or choose between specific number of bays NAS unit has. List combines Desktop NAS and rackmount type servers. Based on your preferred network setup, you can choose between SFP+ or regular RJ45 connector type.

AsustorAS4002T2Desktop NAS 1X RJ45 10GbE£221Link
QnapTS-332X-2G3Desktop NAS 1X SFP+ 10GbE£273Link
AsustorAS4004T4Desktop NAS 1X RJ45 10GbE£289Link
QnapTS-431X-2G4Desktop NAS 1X SFP+ 10GbE£317Link
QnapTS-431X2-2G4Desktop NAS 1X SFP+ 10GbE£334Link
QnapTS-431XeU-2G419"Rack NAS 1X SFP+ 10GbE£408Link
BuffaloTS5210DN0402-EU2TeraStation 5210DN 1X RJ45 10GbE£422Link
QnapTS-431X-8G4Desktop NAS 1X SFP+ 10GbE£449Link
BuffaloTS5210DN0602-EU2TeraStation 5210DN 1X RJ45 10GbE£456Link
QnapTS-431X2-8G4Desktop NAS 1X SFP+ 10GbE£467Link
BuffaloTS5210DN0802-EU2TeraStation 5210DN 1X RJ45 10GbE£481Link
QnapTS-432XU-2G419"Rack NAS 2X SFP+ 10GbE£491Link
QnapTS-932X-2G5Desktop NAS 2X SFP+ 10GbE£506Link
QnapTS-431XeU-8G419"Rack NAS 1X SFP+ 10GbE£518Link
QnapTS-832X-2G8Desktop NAS 2X SFP+ 10GbE£524Link
BuffaloTS5210DF00502-EU2TeraStation 5210DF 1X RJ45 10GbE£525Link
QnapHS-453DX-4G2Silent NAS 1X RJ45 10GbE£533Link
QnapTBS-453DX-8G4NASbook 1X RJ45 10GbE£548Link
QnapHS-453DX-8G2Silent NAS 1X RJ45 10GbE£553Link
QnapHS-453DX-8G-C2Silent NAS 1X RJ45 10GbE£561Link
BuffaloTS5210DN1202-EU2TeraStation 5210DN 1X RJ45 10GbE£568Link
QnapHS-453DX-16G-C2Silent NAS 1X RJ45 10GbE£582Link
BuffaloTS6200DN0402-EU2TeraStation 6200DN 1X RJ45 10GbE£584Link
BuffaloTS5410DN0804-EU4TeraStation 5410DN 1X RJ45 10GbE£598Link
QnapTS-932X-8G5Desktop NAS 2X SFP+ 10GbE£626Link
BuffaloTS6200DN0802-EU2TeraStation 6200DN 1X RJ45 10GbE£639Link
BuffaloTS5210DN1602-EU2TeraStation 5210DN 1X RJ45 10GbE£654Link
BuffaloTS5410DN1204-EU4TeraStation 5410DN 1X RJ45 10GbE£669Link
QnapTS-832X-8G8Desktop NAS 2X SFP+ 10GbE£678Link
BuffaloTS5410DN1604-EU4TeraStation 5410DN 1X RJ45 10GbE£702Link
BuffaloTS5410RN0804-EU4TeraStation 5410RN 1X RJ45 10GbE£749Link
QnapTS-432XU-RP-2G419"Rack NAS 2X SFP+ 10GbE£762Link
QnapTS-832XU-4G819"Rack NAS 2X SFP+ 10GbE£762Link
SynologyDS18178DiskStation NAS 2X RJ45 10GbE£767Link
QnapTS-463XU-4G419"Rack NAS 1X RJ45 10GbE£803Link
BuffaloTS5410RN1204-EU4TeraStation 5410RN 1X RJ45 10GbE£817Link
QnapTS-453BT3-8G4Desktop NAS 10GbE+TB3 1X RJ45 10GbE£822Link
BuffaloWS5220DN04W6EU2TeraStation WS5220 1X RJ45 10GbE£863Link
AsustorAS6508T8Lockerstor 8 NAS 2X RJ45 10GbE£870Link
BuffaloTS6400DN0804-EU4TeraStation 6400DN 1X RJ45 10GbE£872Link
QnapTS-453BT3-16G-C4Desktop NAS 10GbE+TB3 1X RJ45 10GbE£880Link
InfortrendGSeP2050000D-8B325EonStor GSe Pro 205 2X SFP+ 10GbE£892Link
BuffaloTS5810DN1604-EU8TeraStation 5810DN 1X RJ45 10GbE£908Link
AsustorAS6508T-16GC8Lockerstor 8 NAS 2X RJ45 10GbE£931Link
AsustorAS6510T10Lockerstor 10 NAS 2X RJ45 10GbE£946Link
QnapTS-863XU-4G819"Rack NAS 1X RJ45 10GbE£956Link
BuffaloTS5410RN1604-EU4TeraStation 5410RN 1X RJ45 10GbE£960Link
QnapTS-832XU-RP-4G819"Rack NAS 2X SFP+ 10GbE£964Link
QnapTS-1232XU-4G1219"Rack NAS 2X SFP+ 10GbE£964Link
BuffaloWS5220DN08W6EU2TeraStation WS5220 1X RJ45 10GbE£969Link
QnapTVS-472XT-PT-4G4Desktop NAS 10GbE+TB3 1X RJ45 10GbE£979Link
AsustorAS6508T-32GC8Lockerstor 8 NAS 2X RJ45 10GbE£982Link
InfortrendGSeP205T000D-8B325EonStor GSe Pro 205T 2X SFP+ 10GbE£982Link
QnapTVS-472XT-PT-8G4Desktop NAS 10GbE+TB3 1X RJ45 10GbE£1006Link
AsustorAS6510T-16GC10Lockerstor 10 NAS 2X RJ45 10GbE£1008Link
QnapTVS-472XT-PT-16G-C4Desktop NAS 10GbE+TB3 1X RJ45 10GbE£1026Link
QnapTS-463XU-RP-4G419"Rack NAS 1X RJ45 10GbE£1034Link
BuffaloWS5420DN08W6EU4TeraStation WS5420 1X RJ45 10GbE£1038Link
BuffaloTS5410DN3204-EU4TeraStation 5410DN 1X RJ45 10GbE£1043Link
BuffaloTS6400DN1604-EU4TeraStation 6400DN 1X RJ45 10GbE£1050Link
BuffaloTS5210DF0202-EU2TeraStation 5210DF 1X RJ45 10GbE£1058Link
AsustorAS6510T-32GC10Lockerstor 10 NAS 2X RJ45 10GbE£1059Link
QnapTVS-472XT-PT-32G-C4Desktop NAS 10GbE+TB3 1X RJ45 10GbE£1072Link
BuffaloTS6400RN1604-EU4TeraStation 6400RN 1X RJ45 10GbE£1092Link
QnapTS-1232XU-RP-4G1219"Rack NAS 2X SFP+ 10GbE£1161Link
BuffaloTS5410DN2404-EU4TeraStation 5410DN 1X RJ45 10GbE£1165Link
BuffaloTS5410RN2404-EU4TeraStation 5410RN 1X RJ45 10GbE£1175Link
QnapTS-873U-4G819"Rack NAS 2X SFP+ 10GbE£1186Link
BuffaloTS5810DN3204-EU8TeraStation 5810DN 1X RJ45 10GbE£1196Link
QnapTVS-672XT-i3-8G6Desktop NAS 10GbE+TB3 1X RJ45 10GbE£1199Link
BuffaloTS5810DN3208-EU8TeraStation 5810DN 1X RJ45 10GbE£1199Link
QnapTVS-472XT-PT-64G-C4Desktop NAS 10GbE+TB3 1X RJ45 10GbE£1224Link
NetGearRN626X00-100NES6ReadyNAS 626X 10GbE 2X RJ45 10GbE£1226Link
QnapTVS-672XT-i3-16G-C6Desktop NAS 10GbE+TB3 1X RJ45 10GbE£1245Link
QnapTS-873U-8G819"Rack NAS 2X SFP+ 10GbE£1273Link
QnapTVS-672XT-i3-32G-C6Desktop NAS 10GbE+TB3 1X RJ45 10GbE£1291Link
InfortrendGSeP2080000D-8B328EonStor GSe Pro 208 2X SFP+ 10GbE£1303Link
NetGearRN628X00-100NES8ReadyNAS 628X 10GbE 2X RJ45 10GbE£1313Link
BuffaloTS5410RN3204-EU4TeraStation 5410RN 1X RJ45 10GbE£1315Link
QnapTS-863XU-RP-4G819"Rack NAS 1X RJ45 10GbE£1340Link
BuffaloWS5420DN16W6EU4TeraStation WS5420 1X RJ45 10GbE£1340Link
QnapTS-1263XU-RP-4G1219"Rack NAS 1X RJ45 10GbE£1351Link
QnapTS-1263XU-4G1219"Rack NAS 1X RJ45 10GbE£1395Link
InfortrendGSeP208T000D-8B328EonStor GSe Pro 208T 2X SFP+ 10GbE£1433Link
QnapTVS-672XT-i3-64G-C6Desktop NAS 10GbE+TB3 1X RJ45 10GbE£1444Link
QnapTS-873U-16G819"Rack NAS 2X SFP+ 10GbE£1449Link
QnapTS-873U-RP-8G819"Rack NAS 2X SFP+ 10GbE£1463Link
QnapTVS-972XU-i3-4G419"Rack NAS 2X SFP+ 10GbE£1484Link
QnapTS-977XU-1200-4G419"Rack NAS 2X SFP+ 10GbE£1493Link
QnapTVS-872XT-i5-16G8Desktop NAS 10GbE+TB3 1X RJ45 10GbE£1567Link
QnapTS-977XU-RP-1200-4G419"Rack NAS 2X SFP+ 10GbE£1616Link
QnapTVS-872XT-i5-32G-C8Desktop NAS 10GbE+TB3 1X RJ45 10GbE£1659Link
QnapTS-873U-RP-16G819"Rack NAS 2X SFP+ 10GbE£1669Link
QnapTVS-872XU-i3-4G819"Rack NAS 2X SFP+ 10GbE£1682Link
QnapTS-983XU-RP-E2124-8G419"Rack NAS 2X SFP+ 10GbE£1718Link
QnapTVS-972XU-RP-i3-4G419"Rack NAS 2X SFP+ 10GbE£1725Link
QnapTS-1273U-RP-8G1219"Rack NAS 2X SFP+ 10GbE£1731Link
QnapTS-1673U-8G1619"Rack NAS 2X SFP+ 10GbE£1745Link
QnapTS-983XU-E2124-8G419"Rack NAS 2X SFP+ 10GbE£1757Link
QnapTVS-872XU-RP-i3-4G819"Rack NAS 2X SFP+ 10GbE£1779Link
BuffaloTS51210RH0804-EU12TeraStation 51210RH 2X RJ45 10GbE£1809Link
QnapTVS-872XT-i5-64G-C8Desktop NAS 10GbE+TB3 1X RJ45 10GbE£1812Link
QnapTS-877XU-1200-4G819"Rack NAS 2X SFP+ 10GbE£1840Link
BuffaloTS5810DN6408-EU8TeraStation 5810DN 1X RJ45 10GbE£1840Link
QnapTS-1685-D1521-8G12Desktop NAS 2X RJ45 10GbE£1902Link
BuffaloTS6400DN3204-EU4TeraStation 6400DN 1X RJ45 10GbE£1910Link
QnapTS-1273U-RP-16G1219"Rack NAS 2X SFP+ 10GbE£1943Link
QnapTVS-1272XU-RP-i3-4G1219"Rack NAS 2X SFP+ 10GbE£1979Link
QnapTS-1673U-RP-8G1619"Rack NAS 2X SFP+ 10GbE£1983Link
BuffaloTS6400RN3204-EU4TeraStation 6400RN 1X RJ45 10GbE£2005Link
QnapTS-877XU-RP-1200-4G819"Rack NAS 2X SFP+ 10GbE£2029Link
BuffaloWS5420RN16S6EU4TeraStation WS5420R 1X RJ45 10GbE£2037Link
QnapTS-873U-RP-64G819"Rack NAS 2X SFP+ 10GbE£2042Link
BuffaloWS5420DN32W6EU4TeraStation WS5420 1X RJ45 10GbE£2116Link
QnapTVS-882ST3-i7-16G8Desktop NAS 10GbE+TB3 2X RJ45 10GbE£2162Link
BuffaloTS51210RH1604-EU12TeraStation 51210RH 2X RJ45 10GbE£2162Link
QnapTS-1673U-RP-16G1619"Rack NAS 2X SFP+ 10GbE£2183Link
QnapTS-EC880U-E3-4GE-R2819"Rack NAS R2 2X SFP+ 10GbE£2286Link
QnapTS-1277XU-RP-1200-4G1219"Rack NAS 2X SFP+ 10GbE£2288Link
QnapTS-977XU-RP-2600-8G419"Rack NAS 2X SFP+ 10GbE£2381Link
QnapTS-1685-D1521-16G-550W12Desktop NAS 2X RJ45 10GbE£2390Link
QnapTVS-1282T3-i5-16G8Desktop NAS 10GbE+TB3 2X RJ45 10GbE£2427Link
QnapTVS-1672XU-RP-i3-8G1619"Rack NAS 2X SFP+ 10GbE£2436Link
QnapTS-1685-D1531-16G12Desktop NAS 2X RJ45 10GbE£2489Link
QnapTS-1277XU-RP-2600-8G1219"Rack NAS 2X SFP+ 10GbE£2504Link
QnapTS-883XU-E2124-8G819"Rack NAS 2X SFP+ 10GbE£2524Link
BuffaloTS51210RH3204-EU12TeraStation 51210RH 2X RJ45 10GbE£2531Link
QnapTS-1673U-RP-64G1619"Rack NAS 2X SFP+ 10GbE£2550Link
BuffaloWS5420RN32S6EU4TeraStation WS5420R 1X RJ45 10GbE£2601Link
QnapTS-877XU-RP-2600-8G819"Rack NAS 2X SFP+ 10GbE£2624Link
QnapTS-883XU-RP-E2124-8G819"Rack NAS 2X SFP+ 10GbE£2669Link
QnapTES-1885U-D1521-8GR1219"Rack Enterprise NAS 2X SFP+ 10GbE£2723Link
QnapTVS-1282T3-i7-32G8Desktop NAS 10GbE+TB3 2X RJ45 10GbE£2769Link
QnapTS-1677XU-RP-1200-4G1619"Rack NAS 2X SFP+ 10GbE£2842Link
NetGearRR4312X0-10000S12ReadyNAS 4312X 10GbE 2X RJ45 10GbE£2855Link
QnapTS-1283XU-RP-E2124-8G1219"Rack NAS 2X SFP+ 10GbE£2966Link
QnapTS-1685-D1531-32G-550W12Desktop NAS 2X RJ45 10GbE£2987Link
BuffaloTS51210RH2412-EU12TeraStation 51210RH 2X RJ45 10GbE£3016Link
SynologyRS3617xs+12RackStation NAS 2X SFP+ 10GbE£3023Link
BuffaloTS51210RH4004EU12TeraStation 51210RH 2X RJ45 10GbE£3058Link
QnapTVS-1282T3-i7-64G8Desktop NAS 10GbE+TB3 2X RJ45 10GbE£3128Link
QnapTVS-2472XU-RP-i5-8G2419"Rack NAS 2X RJ45 10GbE£3252Link
QnapTS-1677XU-RP-2700-16G1619"Rack NAS 2X SFP+ 10GbE£3356Link
NetGearRN626XE6-100NES6ReadyNAS 626X 10GbE 2X RJ45 10GbE£3439Link
BuffaloTS51210RH4804EU12TeraStation 51210RH 2X RJ45 10GbE£3510Link
QsanXS1212S12XCubeSAN XS1200 2X RJ45 10GbE£3522Link
QnapTS-1683XU-RP-E2124-16G1619"Rack NAS 2X SFP+ 10GbE£3587Link
QsanXN8016R16XCubeNAS 2X RJ45 10GbE£3644Link
SynologyRS4017xs+16RackStation NAS 2X RJ45 10GbE£3815Link
BuffaloTS51210RH4812-EU12TeraStation 51210RH 2X RJ45 10GbE£3825Link
SynologyRS4017xs+ (16GB)16RackStation NAS 2X RJ45 10GbE£3863Link
QsanXN7016R16XCubeNAS 2X RJ45 10GbE£3881Link
SynologyRS4017xs+ (32GB ECC)16RackStation NAS 2X RJ45 10GbE£4423Link
QnapTES-1885U-D1531-16GR1219"Rack Enterprise NAS 2X SFP+ 10GbE£3957Link
SynologyRS4017xs+ (64GB)16RackStation NAS 2X RJ45 10GbE£4005Link
QsanXS3212S12XCubeSAN XS3200 2X RJ45 10GbE£4047Link
QnapTVS-EC1580MU-SAS-RP-8GE-R2919"Rack NAS R2 2X SFP+ 10GbE£4047Link
QnapTVS-EC1580MU-SAS-RP-16G-R2919"Rack NAS R2 2X SFP+ 10GbE£4064Link
QnapTVS-EC1280U-SAS-RP-16G-R21219"Rack NAS R2 2X SFP+ 10GbE£4085Link
QnapTVS-EC1280U-SAS-RP-8GE-R21219"Rack NAS R2 2X SFP+ 10GbE£4085Link
QsanXS1216S16XCubeSAN XS1200 2X RJ45 10GbE£4087Link
SynologyRS4017xs+ (64GB ECC)16RackStation NAS 2X RJ45 10GbE£5032Link
SynologyRS4017xs+ (16GB ECC)16RackStation NAS 2X RJ45 10GbE£4119Link
QsanXS1226S26XCubeSAN XS1200 2X RJ45 10GbE£4226Link
PromiseF40R26X0001000016Vess R2600xiS 2X RJ45 10GbE£4258Link
PromiseF40R26T2601000016Vess R2600tiS 2X RJ45 10GbE£4258Link
QnapTS-2477XU-RP-2600-8G2419"Rack NAS 2X SFP+ 10GbE£4264Link
SynologySA340012RackStation NAS 2X RJ45 10GbE£4441Link
SynologyUC320012iSCSI SAN 1X RJ45 10GbE£4459Link
QsanXS1212D12XCubeSAN XS1200 4X RJ45 10GbE£4505Link
QnapTVS-1582TU-i7-32G919"Rack NAS 10GbE+TB3 2X SFP+ 10GbE£4548Link
QsanXN8024R24XCubeNAS 2X RJ45 10GbE£4555Link
QsanXN7024R24XCubeNAS 2X RJ45 10GbE£4572Link
QnapTS-2477XU-RP-2700-16G2419"Rack NAS 2X SFP+ 10GbE£4616Link
QsanXS3216S16XCubeSAN XS3200 2X RJ45 10GbE£4698Link
QnapTES-1885U-D1531-32G1219"Rack Enterprise NAS 2X SFP+ 10GbE£4705Link
SynologyUC3200 (16GB ECC)12iSCSI SAN 1X RJ45 10GbE£4763Link
QsanXS3226S26XCubeSAN XS3200 2X RJ45 10GbE£4858Link
QsanXS1224S24XCubeSAN XS1200 2X RJ45 10GbE£4930Link
SynologyUC3200 (32GB ECC)12iSCSI SAN 1X RJ45 10GbE£5067Link
QsanXS1216D16XCubeSAN XS1200 4X RJ45 10GbE£5069Link
SynologyFS340024FlashStation NAS 2X RJ45 10GbE£5127Link
BuffaloTS51210RH9612-EU12TeraStation 51210RH 2X RJ45 10GbE£5200Link
QsanXS1226D26XCubeSAN XS1200 4X RJ45 10GbE£5209Link
QsanXS3212D12XCubeSAN XS3200 4X RJ45 10GbE£5223Link
QsanXS3226D26XCubeSAN XS3200 4X RJ45 10GbE£5254Link
QnapTS-2483XU-RP-E2136-16G2419"Rack NAS 2X RJ45 10GbE£5380Link
PromiseF40R26T2701000016Vess R2600tiD 2X RJ45 10GbE£5436Link
PromiseF40R26X0701000016Vess R2600xiD 2X SFP+ 10GbE£5436Link
InfortrendGS3012S0C0F0D-8B3212EonStor GS 3012 2X RJ45 10GbE£5474Link
PromiseF40R26X0301000016Vess R2600xiS 2X RJ45 10GbE£5561Link
PromiseF40R26T2001000016Vess R2600tiS 2X RJ45 10GbE£5561Link
QnapTES-1885U-D1531-128GR1219"Rack Enterprise NAS 2X SFP+ 10GbE£5649Link
QsanXS3224S24XCubeSAN XS3200 2X RJ45 10GbE£5667Link
SynologyUC3200 (64GB ECC)12iSCSI SAN 1X RJ45 10GbE£5675Link
InfortrendGS3012S02C0FD-8B3212EonStor GS 3012 Gen2 2X RJ45 10GbE£5722Link
QsanXS3216D16XCubeSAN XS3200 4X RJ45 10GbE£5827Link
QsanXS1224D24XCubeSAN XS1200 4X RJ45 10GbE£5914Link
SynologySA360012RackStation NAS 2X RJ45 10GbE£5924Link
InfortrendGS3012STC0F0D-8B3212EonStor GS 3012 2X RJ45 10GbE£6111Link
ioSafeGA000-016XX-05Server 5 2X RJ45 10GbE£6252Link
PromiseF40R26X0101000016Vess R2600xiS 2X RJ45 10GbE£6488Link
PromiseF40R26T2101000016Vess R2600tiS 2X RJ45 10GbE£6491Link
BuffaloTS51210RH12012EU12TeraStation 51210RH 2X RJ45 10GbE£6567Link
ioSafeGA000-032XX-05Server 5 2X RJ45 10GbE£6576Link
InfortrendGS3024S0CBF0D-8B3224EonStor GS 3024B 2X RJ45 10GbE£6705Link
InfortrendGS3016S0C0F0D-8B3216EonStor GS 3016 2X RJ45 10GbE£6705Link
QsanXS3224D24XCubeSAN XS3200 4X RJ45 10GbE£6797Link
PromiseF40R26X0601000016Vess R2600xiD 2X SFP+ 10GbE£6813Link
PromiseF40R26T2201000016Vess R2600tiD 2X RJ45 10GbE£6813Link
ioSafeGA015-016XX-15Server 5 2X RJ45 10GbE£6899Link
ioSafeGA000-064XX-05Server 5 2X RJ45 10GbE£6899Link
PromiseF40R26X0401000016Vess R2600xiD 2X RJ45 10GbE£6900Link
InfortrendGS4012S02C0FD-8B3224EonStor GS 4012 Gen2 4X SFP+ 10GbE£6964Link
InfortrendGS3025S0CBF0D-8B3225EonStor GS 3025B 2X RJ45 10GbE£6980Link
InfortrendGS3016S02C0FD-8B3216EonStor GS 3016 Gen2 2X RJ45 10GbE£7010Link
InfortrendGS3024S0C0F0D-8B3224EonStor GS 3024 2X RJ45 10GbE£7066Link
ioSafeGA025-016XX-15Server 5 2X RJ45 10GbE£7223Link
InfortrendGS3025S02CBFD-8B3225EonStor GS 3025B Gen2 2X RJ45 10GbE£7297Link
InfortrendGS3016STC0F0D-8B3216EonStor GS 3016 2X RJ45 10GbE£7313Link
InfortrendGS3024S02C0FD-8B3224EonStor GS 3024 Gen2 2X RJ45 10GbE£7388Link
BuffaloTS51210RH14412EU12TeraStation 51210RH 2X RJ45 10GbE£7395Link
PromiseF40R26X0201000016Vess R2600xiS 2X RJ45 10GbE£7540Link
PromiseF40R26T2501000016Vess R2600tiS 2X RJ45 10GbE£7540Link
InfortrendGS3025STCBF0D-8B3225EonStor GS 3025B 2X RJ45 10GbE£7545Link
InfortrendGS3024STC0F0D-8B3224EonStor GS 3024 2X RJ45 10GbE£7616Link
PromiseF40R26T2301000016Vess R2600tiD 2X RJ45 10GbE£7715Link
ioSafeGA000-128XX-05Server 5 2X RJ45 10GbE£7762Link
ioSafeGA045-016XX-15Server 5 2X RJ45 10GbE£7977Link
QnapTDS-16489U-SE1-R21619"Rack Double Server NAS R2 4X SFP+ 10GbE£8169Link
InfortrendGS4024S02C0FD-8B3224EonStor GS 4024 Gen2 4X SFP+ 10GbE£8629Link
PromiseF40R26T2401000016Vess R2600tiD 2X RJ45 10GbE£8767Link
PromiseF40R26X0501000016Vess R2600xiD 2X RJ45 10GbE£8767Link
QnapES1686dc-2123IT-64G1619"Rack ZFS NAS 8X SFP+ 10GbE£8795Link
ioSafeGA065-016XX-15Server 5 2X RJ45 10GbE£8840Link
InfortrendGS3012R0C0F0D-8B3212EonStor GS 3012 2X RJ45 10GbE£8877Link
QnapTDS-16489U-SE2-R21619"Rack Double Server NAS R2 4X SFP+ 10GbE£9066Link
InfortrendGS3012R02C0FD-8B3212EonStor GS 3012 Gen2 2X RJ45 10GbE£9280Link
SynologyFS640024FlashStation NAS 2X RJ45 10GbE£9399Link
InfortrendGS3024R0CBF0D-8B3224EonStor GS 3024B 2X RJ45 10GbE£10281Link
InfortrendGS3016R0C0F0D-8B3216EonStor GS 3016 2X RJ45 10GbE£10281Link
InfortrendGS3012RTC0F0D-8B3212EonStor GS 3012 2X RJ45 10GbE£10281Link
InfortrendGS3025R0CBF0D-8B3225EonStor GS 3025B 2X RJ45 10GbE£10686Link
InfortrendGS3016R02C0FD-8B3216EonStor GS 3016 Gen2 2X RJ45 10GbE£10748Link
PromiseF40R26X0001001716Vess R2600xiD 2X RJ45 10GbE£10921Link
QnapTDS-16489U-SF2-R21619"Rack Double Server NAS R2 4X SFP+ 10GbE£10959Link
InfortrendGS3024R0C0F0D-8B3224EonStor GS 3024 2X RJ45 10GbE£11049Link
InfortrendGS3025R02CBFD-8B3225EonStor GS 3025B Gen2 2X RJ45 10GbE£11172Link
QnapES1686dc-2142IT-96G1619"Rack ZFS NAS 8X SFP+ 10GbE£11418Link
InfortrendGS3016RTC0F0D-8B3216EonStor GS 3016 2X RJ45 10GbE£11439Link
InfortrendGS3024R02C0FD-8B3224EonStor GS 3024 Gen2 2X RJ45 10GbE£11551Link
InfortrendGS4012R02C0FD-8B3224EonStor GS 4012 Gen2 4X SFP+ 10GbE£11657Link
InfortrendGS3025RTCBF0D-8B3225EonStor GS 3025B 2X RJ45 10GbE£11758Link
SeagateX2U12-96TB-CNC12EXOS X 2U12 RAID 2X SFP+ 10GbE£11939Link
InfortrendGS3024RTC0F0D-8B3224EonStor GS 3024 2X RJ45 10GbE£12077Link
PromiseF40VD530001001812VTrak D5300xD 4X SFP+ 10GbE£12564Link
SeagateX2U12-120TB-CNC12EXOS X 2U12 RAID 2X SFP+ 10GbE£12710Link
QnapES1686dc-2142IT-128G1619"Rack ZFS NAS 8X SFP+ 10GbE£12736Link
QnapTDS-16489U-SF3-R21619"Rack Double Server NAS R2 4X SFP+ 10GbE£12752Link
QnapES2486dc-2142IT-96G2419"Rack ZFS NAS 8X SFP+ 10GbE£12950Link
SeagateX2U24-7.2TB-CNC24EXOS X 2U24 RAID 2X SFP+ 10GbE£13377Link
InfortrendGS4024R02C0FD-8B3224EonStor GS 4024 Gen2 4X SFP+ 10GbE£13625Link
PromiseF40VD530001002124VTrak D5300fxD 4X SFP+ 10GbE£13716Link
SeagateX2U12-144TB-CNC12EXOS X 2U12 RAID 2X SFP+ 10GbE£13865Link
InfortrendGS3060G00LF0D-8B3260EonStor GS 3060 2X RJ45 10GbE£14075Link
SeagateX2U24-14.4TB-CNC24EXOS X 2U24 RAID 2X SFP+ 10GbE£14498Link
InfortrendGS3060GT0LF0D-8B3260EonStor GS 3060 2X RJ45 10GbE£14784Link
QnapES2486dc-2142IT-128G2419"Rack ZFS NAS 8X SFP+ 10GbE£14801Link
PromiseF40VD530001002224VTrak D5300fxD 4X SFP+ 10GbE£14873Link
PromiseF40VD560001001216VTrak D5600xD 4X SFP+ 10GbE£14873Link
PromiseF40VD560001000516VTrak D5600fxD 4X SFP+ 10GbE£15960Link
PromiseF40VD560001001416VTrak D5600xD 4X SFP+ 10GbE£15960Link
SeagateX2U24-28.8TB-SAS24EXOS X 2U24 RAID 2X SFP+ 10GbE£16120Link
SeagateX2U24-14.4TB15K-CNC24EXOS X 2U24 RAID 2X SFP+ 10GbE£16700Link
SeagateX2U24-28.8TB-CNC24EXOS X 2U24 RAID 2X SFP+ 10GbE£16981Link
PromiseF40VD560001001716VTrak D5600fxD 4X SFP+ 10GbE£17108Link
PromiseF40VD530001000224VTrak D5300fxD 4X SFP+ 10GbE£17108Link
PromiseF40VD580001001224VTrak D5800xD 4X SFP+ 10GbE£17108Link
PromiseF40VD530001000324VTrak D5300fxD 4X SFP+ 10GbE£18265Link
PromiseF40VD580001001324VTrak D5800xD 4X SFP+ 10GbE£18265Link
PromiseF40VD560001001116VTrak D5600xD 4X SFP+ 10GbE£18265Link
PromiseF40D5320001000624VTrak D5320xD 4X SFP+ 10GbE£18265Link
PromiseF40VD580001001424VTrak D5800fxD 4X SFP+ 10GbE£18265Link
SeagateX2U24-21.6TB15K-CNC24EXOS X 2U24 RAID 2X SFP+ 10GbE£18694Link
InfortrendGS3060R0CLF0D-8B3260EonStor GS 3060 2X RJ45 10GbE£18969Link
PromiseF40VD560001000316VTrak D5600xD 4X SFP+ 10GbE£19417Link
PromiseF40D5320001000424VTrak D5320fxD 4X SFP+ 10GbE£19417Link
PromiseF40VD580001001524VTrak D5800fxD 4X SFP+ 10GbE£25123Link
InfortrendGS3060RTCLF0D-8B3260EonStor GS 3060 2X RJ45 10GbE£20272Link
PromiseF40VD560001001016VTrak D5600fxD 4X SFP+ 10GbE£20574Link
SeagateX2U24-43.2TB-SAS24EXOS X 2U24 RAID 2X SFP+ 10GbE£21092Link
PromiseF40VD560001000116VTrak D5600fxD 4X SFP+ 10GbE£21661Link
PromiseF40VD560001001816VTrak D5600xD 4X SFP+ 10GbE£21661Link
SeagateX2U24-57.6TB-CNC24EXOS X 2U24 RAID 2X SFP+ 10GbE£21953Link
PromiseF40VD580001000524VTrak D5800xD 4X SFP+ 10GbE£22813Link
PromiseF40D5320001000724VTrak D5320xD 4X SFP+ 10GbE£22813Link
PromiseF40D5320001000524VTrak D5320fxD 4X SFP+ 10GbE£23971Link
PromiseF40VD560001000616VTrak D5600fxD 4X SFP+ 10GbE£23971Link
PromiseF40VD580001000424VTrak D5800xD 4X SFP+ 10GbE£25123Link
PromiseF40VD580001000224VTrak D5800fxD 4X SFP+ 10GbE£27357Link
PromiseF40VD580001001124VTrak D5800xD 4X SFP+ 10GbE£27357Link
PromiseF40VD580001001824VTrak D5800fxD 4X SFP+ 10GbE£29666Link
SeagateX5U84-672TB-CNC84EXOS X 5U84 RAID 2X SFP+ 10GbE£48449Link
SeagateX5U84-840TB-CNC84EXOS X 5U84 RAID 2X SFP+ 10GbE£53842Link
SeagateX5U84-1008TB-CNC84EXOS X 5U84 RAID 2X SFP+ 10GbE£61932Link

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