Compare 10Gbe NAS

Find the cheapest 10Gbe NAS. List is sorted by price - cheapest first. Find the best solution based on brand name. Or choose between specific number of bays NAS unit has. List combines Desktop NAS and rackmount type servers. Based on your preferred network setup, you can choose between SFP+ or regular RJ45 connector type.

AsustorAS4002T2Desktop NAS 1X RJ45 10GbE£225Link
AsustorAS4004T4Desktop NAS 1X RJ45 10GbE£292Link
QnapTS-431KX-2G4Desktop NAS 1X SFP+ 10GbE£332Link
QnapTS-431KX-8G4Desktop NAS 1X SFP+ 10GbE£370Link
QnapTS-431X3-4G4Desktop NAS 1X SFP+ 10GbE£387Link
QnapTS-431XeU-2G419"Rack NAS 1X SFP+ 10GbE£410Link
QnapTS-431X3-8G4Desktop NAS 1X SFP+ 10GbE£425Link
QnapTS-932PX-4G5Desktop NAS 2X SFP+ 10GbE£487Link
QnapTS-432XU-2G419"Rack NAS 2X SFP+ 10GbE£491Link
QnapTS-431XeU-8G419"Rack NAS 1X SFP+ 10GbE£507Link
QnapTS-932PX-8G5Desktop NAS 2X SFP+ 10GbE£507Link
QnapHS-453DX-4G2Silent NAS 1X RJ45 10GbE£516Link
QnapTS-932PX-16G5Desktop NAS 2X SFP+ 10GbE£530Link
QnapHS-453DX-8G2Silent NAS 1X RJ45 10GbE£540Link
QnapHS-453DX-16G-C2Silent NAS 1X RJ45 10GbE£556Link
QnapTBS-453DX-8G4NASbook 1X RJ45 10GbE£557Link
QnapTS-432PXU-2G419"Rack NAS 2X SFP+ 10GbE£572Link
QnapHS-453DX-32G-C2Silent NAS 1X RJ45 10GbE£601Link
QnapTS-432PXU-8G419"Rack NAS 2X SFP+ 10GbE£612Link
QnapTS-432PXU-16G419"Rack NAS 2X SFP+ 10GbE£634Link
QnapTS-832PX-4G8Desktop NAS 2X SFP+ 10GbE£671Link
QnapTS-832X-2G8Desktop NAS 2X SFP+ 10GbE£671Link
QnapTS-832X-8G8Desktop NAS 2X SFP+ 10GbE£712Link
QnapTS-h973AX-8G5Desktop hero NAS 1X RJ45 10GbE£717Link
QnapTS-432PXU-RP-2G419"Rack NAS 2X SFP+ 10GbE£758Link
QnapTS-432XU-RP-2G419"Rack NAS 2X SFP+ 10GbE£765Link
SynologyDS18178DiskStation NAS 2X RJ45 10GbE£766Link
QnapTS-432PXU-RP-8G419"Rack NAS 2X SFP+ 10GbE£798Link
QnapTS-832PXU-4G819"Rack NAS 2X SFP+ 10GbE£802Link
QnapTS-432PXU-RP-16G419"Rack NAS 2X SFP+ 10GbE£820Link
QnapTS-832PXU-8G819"Rack NAS 2X SFP+ 10GbE£822Link
QnapTS-453BT3-8G4Desktop NAS 10GbE+TB3 1X RJ45 10GbE£828Link
AsustorAS6508T8Lockerstor 8 NAS 2X RJ45 10GbE£833Link
QnapTS-832PXU-16G819"Rack NAS 2X SFP+ 10GbE£844Link
QnapTS-h973AX-32G5Desktop hero NAS 1X RJ45 10GbE£877Link
QnapTS-453BT3-16G-C4Desktop NAS 10GbE+TB3 1X RJ45 10GbE£883Link
AsustorAS6508T-16GB8Lockerstor 8 NAS 2X RJ45 10GbE£884Link
AsustorAS6510T10Lockerstor 10 NAS 2X RJ45 10GbE£906Link
AsustorAS6508T-32GB8Lockerstor 8 NAS 2X RJ45 10GbE£919Link
AsustorAS6510T-16GB10Lockerstor 10 NAS 2X RJ45 10GbE£957Link
QnapTVS-472XT-PT-4G4Desktop NAS 10GbE+TB3 1X RJ45 10GbE£977Link
AsustorAS6510T-32GB10Lockerstor 10 NAS 2X RJ45 10GbE£992Link
QnapTVS-472XT-PT-8G4Desktop NAS 10GbE+TB3 1X RJ45 10GbE£1002Link
QnapTS-832PXU-RP-4G819"Rack NAS 2X SFP+ 10GbE£1018Link
QnapTVS-472XT-PT-16G-C4Desktop NAS 10GbE+TB3 1X RJ45 10GbE£1018Link
QnapTS-832PXU-RP-8G819"Rack NAS 2X SFP+ 10GbE£1058Link
QnapTVS-472XT-PT-32G-C4Desktop NAS 10GbE+TB3 1X RJ45 10GbE£1064Link
QnapTS-832PXU-RP-16G819"Rack NAS 2X SFP+ 10GbE£1080Link
InfortrendGSeP2050000D-8B325EonStor GSe Pro 205 2X SFP+ 10GbE£1088Link
QnapTVS-472XT-PT-64G-C4Desktop NAS 10GbE+TB3 1X RJ45 10GbE£1148Link
QnapTS-1232PXU-RP-4G1219"Rack NAS 2X SFP+ 10GbE£1155Link
QnapTS-1232PXU-RP-8G1219"Rack NAS 2X SFP+ 10GbE£1195Link
InfortrendGSeP205T000D-8B325EonStor GSe Pro 205T 2X SFP+ 10GbE£1198Link
QnapTVS-672XT-i3-8G6Desktop NAS 10GbE+TB3 1X RJ45 10GbE£1208Link
QnapTS-1232PXU-RP-16G1219"Rack NAS 2X SFP+ 10GbE£1217Link
QnapTS-463XU-RP-4G419"Rack NAS 1X RJ45 10GbE£1218Link
QnapTVS-672XT-i3-16G-C6Desktop NAS 10GbE+TB3 1X RJ45 10GbE£1250Link
QnapTVS-672XT-i3-32G-C6Desktop NAS 10GbE+TB3 1X RJ45 10GbE£1295Link
SynologyDS1621xs+6DiskStation NAS 1X RJ45 10GbE£1327Link
QnapTS-873AU-4G819"Rack NAS 2X USB3.2 gen2 type C 10G£1367Link
SynologyDS1621xs+ (16GB)6DiskStation NAS 1X RJ45 10GbE£1377Link
QnapTVS-672XT-i3-64G-C6Desktop NAS 10GbE+TB3 1X RJ45 10GbE£1379Link
QnapTS-873AU-8G819"Rack NAS 1X USB3.2 gen2 type A 10G£1391Link
QnapTS-873AU-16G819"Rack NAS 1X USB3.2 gen2 type A 10G£1407Link
SynologyDS1621xs+ (32GB)6DiskStation NAS 1X RJ45 10GbE£1418Link
QnapTS-873U-RP-8G819"Rack NAS 2X SFP+ 10GbE£1427Link
QnapTVS-872XT-i5-16G8Desktop NAS 10GbE+TB3 1X RJ45 10GbE£1449Link
QnapTS-873AU-32G819"Rack NAS 1X USB3.2 gen2 type A 10G£1451Link
QnapTS-863XU-RP-4G819"Rack NAS 1X RJ45 10GbE£1501Link
QnapTVS-872XT-i5-32G-C8Desktop NAS 10GbE+TB3 1X RJ45 10GbE£1505Link
QnapTS-873AU-64G819"Rack NAS 1X USB3.2 gen2 type A 10G£1532Link
InfortrendGSeP2080000D-8B328EonStor GSe Pro 208 2X SFP+ 10GbE£1589Link
QnapTVS-872XT-i5-64G-C8Desktop NAS 10GbE+TB3 1X RJ45 10GbE£1590Link
SynologyDS1621xs+ (16GB ECC)6DiskStation NAS 1X RJ45 10GbE£1615Link
QnapTS-1263XU-RP-4G1219"Rack NAS 1X RJ45 10GbE£1630Link
QnapTS-873AU-RP-4G819"Rack NAS 1X USB3.2 gen2 type A 10G£1633Link
QnapTS-873AU-RP-8G819"Rack NAS 2X USB3.2 gen2 type C 10G£1656Link
QnapTS-873AU-RP-16G819"Rack NAS 2X USB3.2 gen2 type C 10G£1673Link
QnapTS-873AU-RP-32G819"Rack NAS 2X USB3.2 gen2 type C 10G£1717Link
InfortrendGSeP208T000D-8B328EonStor GSe Pro 208T 2X SFP+ 10GbE£1748Link
QnapTS-873AU-RP-64G819"Rack NAS 2X USB3.2 gen2 type C 10G£1798Link
AsustorAS7110T10Lockerstor 10 Pro NAS 1X RJ45 10GbE£1899Link
QnapTS-1273AU-RP-8G1219"Rack NAS 2X USB3.2 gen2 type C 10G£1924Link
SynologyDS1621xs+ (32GB ECC)6DiskStation NAS 1X RJ45 10GbE£1926Link
QnapTVS-h1288X-W1250-16G8Desktop hero NAS 2X RJ45 10GbE£1932Link
AsustorAS7110T-16GB10Lockerstor 10 Pro NAS 1X RJ45 10GbE£1940Link
QnapTS-977XU-RP-1200-4G419"Rack NAS 2X SFP+ 10GbE£1955Link
QnapTS-1273AU-RP-16G1219"Rack NAS 2X USB3.2 gen2 type C 10G£1964Link
AsustorAS7110T-32GB10Lockerstor 10 Pro NAS 1X RJ45 10GbE£1985Link
QnapTS-1273AU-RP-32G1219"Rack NAS 2X USB3.2 gen2 type C 10G£2008Link
QnapTS-1685-D1521-8G12Desktop NAS 2X RJ45 10GbE£2035Link
QnapTS-1886XU-RP-D1622-8G1219"Rack NAS 2X SFP+ 10GbE£2056Link
QnapTVS-h1288X-W1250-16G-TB38Desktop hero NAS 10GbE+TB3 2X RJ45 10GbE£2070Link
QnapTVS-h1288X-W1250-32G8Desktop hero NAS 2X RJ45 10GbE£2077Link
QnapTS-1273AU-RP-64G1219"Rack NAS 2X USB3.2 gen2 type C 10G£2089Link
QnapTS-1886XU-RP-D1602-4G1219"Rack NAS 2X SFP+ 10GbE£2091Link
QnapTS-1886XU-RP-D1622-32C1219"Rack NAS 2X SFP+ 10GbE£2140Link
QnapTVS-h1288X-W1250-64G8Desktop hero NAS 2X RJ45 10GbE£2142Link
QnapTS-1886XU-RP-D1602-32C1219"Rack NAS 2X SFP+ 10GbE£2175Link
QnapTVS-872XU-RP-i3-4G819"Rack NAS 2X SFP+ 10GbE£2212Link
QnapTVS-h1288X-W1250-32G-TB38Desktop hero NAS 10GbE+TB3 2X RJ45 10GbE£2217Link
QnapTS-977XU-RP-3600-8G419"Rack NAS 2X SFP+ 10GbE£2222Link
QnapTS-1886XU-RP-D1622-64C1219"Rack NAS 2X SFP+ 10GbE£2225Link
QnapTS-983XU-RP-E2124-8G419"Rack NAS 2X SFP+ 10GbE£2230Link
QnapTS-1886XU-RP-D1602-64C1219"Rack NAS 2X SFP+ 10GbE£2259Link
QnapTS-1277XU-RP-1200-4G1219"Rack NAS 2X SFP+ 10GbE£2292Link
QnapTVS-h1688X-W1250-32G12Desktop hero NAS 2X RJ45 10GbE£2300Link
QnapTVS-1282T3-i5-16G8Desktop NAS 10GbE+TB3 2X RJ45 10GbE£2312Link
QnapTS-1673AU-RP-16G1619"Rack NAS 1X USB3.2 gen2 type A 10G£2337Link
QnapTVS-h1288X-W1250-128G8Desktop hero NAS 2X RJ45 10GbE£2352Link
QnapTVS-h1288X-W1250-64G-TB38Desktop hero NAS 10GbE+TB3 2X RJ45 10GbE£2365Link
QnapTS-1886XU-RP-D1622-128C1219"Rack NAS 2X SFP+ 10GbE£2386Link
QnapTS-1886XU-RP-D1602-128C1219"Rack NAS 2X SFP+ 10GbE£2420Link
QnapTS-1673AU-RP-32G1619"Rack NAS 2X USB3.2 gen2 type C 10G£2421Link
QnapTVS-h1688X-W1250-32G-TB312Desktop hero NAS 10GbE+TB3 2X RJ45 10GbE£2445Link
QnapTS-h1886XU-RP-D1622-32G1219"Rack hero NAS 2X SFP+ 10GbE£2465Link
QnapTVS-h1288X-W1250-128G-TB38Desktop hero NAS 10GbE+TB3 2X RJ45 10GbE£2498Link
QnapTS-877XU-RP-3600-8G819"Rack NAS 2X SFP+ 10GbE£2500Link
QnapTS-1673AU-RP-64G1619"Rack NAS 1X USB3.2 gen2 type A 10G£2502Link
QnapTS-877XU-RP-1200-4G819"Rack NAS 2X SFP+ 10GbE£2529Link
QnapTVS-h1688X-W1250-64G12Desktop hero NAS 2X RJ45 10GbE£2590Link
QnapTS-977XU-RP-2600-8G419"Rack NAS 2X SFP+ 10GbE£2615Link
QnapTS-h1886XU-RP-D1622-64C1219"Rack hero NAS 2X SFP+ 10GbE£2634Link
QnapTS-883XU-RP-E2124-8G819"Rack NAS 2X SFP+ 10GbE£2691Link
QnapTVS-h1688X-W1250-128G12Desktop hero NAS 2X RJ45 10GbE£2720Link
QnapTVS-h1688X-W1250-64G-TB312Desktop hero NAS 10GbE+TB3 2X RJ45 10GbE£2740Link
QnapTS-1277XU-RP-2700-8G1219"Rack NAS 2X SFP+ 10GbE£2778Link
QnapTS-h1886XU-RP-D1622-128C1219"Rack hero NAS 2X SFP+ 10GbE£2795Link
QnapTVS-1672XU-RP-i3-8G1619"Rack NAS 2X SFP+ 10GbE£2804Link
QnapTS-1677XU-RP-1200-4G1619"Rack NAS 2X SFP+ 10GbE£2816Link
QnapTVS-h1688X-W1250-128G-TB312Desktop hero NAS 10GbE+TB3 2X RJ45 10GbE£2873Link
QnapTVS-1282T3-i7-32G8Desktop NAS 10GbE+TB3 2X RJ45 10GbE£2979Link
QnapTS-1283XU-RP-E2124-8G1219"Rack NAS 2X SFP+ 10GbE£2990Link
QnapTS-h977XU-RP-3700X-32G419"Rack hero NAS 2X SFP+ 10GbE£3017Link
QnapTS-1677XU-RP-2600-8G1619"Rack NAS 2X SFP+ 10GbE£3018Link
QnapTVS-1282T3-i7-64G8Desktop NAS 10GbE+TB3 2X RJ45 10GbE£3131Link
QnapTES-1885U-D1521-8GR1219"Rack Enterprise NAS 2X SFP+ 10GbE£3174Link
QnapTS-h977XU-RP-3700X-64G419"Rack hero NAS 1X USB3.2 gen2 10G£3185Link
SynologyRS3617xs+12RackStation NAS 2X SFP+ 10GbE£3216Link
QnapTS-h977XU-RP-3700X-128G419"Rack hero NAS 2X SFP+ 10GbE£3347Link
QnapTS-1683XU-RP-E2124-16G1619"Rack NAS 2X SFP+ 10GbE£3401Link
QnapTS-h1283XU-RP-E2236-32G1219"Rack hero NAS 2X SFP+ 10GbE£3418Link
QnapTS-1677XU-RP-2700-16G1619"Rack NAS 2X SFP+ 10GbE£3420Link
PromiseF29VR36200M001116Vess R3600tiS 2X RJ45 10GbE£8034Link
PromiseF29VR36200M001516Vess R3600xiS 2X SFP+ 10GbE£3443Link
QnapTS-2477XU-RP-2600-8G2419"Rack NAS 2X SFP+ 10GbE£3530Link
QsanXN8016R16XCubeNAS 2X RJ45 10GbE£3548Link
QsanXS1212S12XCubeSAN XS1200 2X RJ45 10GbE£3552Link
QnapTS-1677XU-RP-2700-64G1619"Rack NAS 2X SFP+ 10GbE£3587Link
PromiseF29VR36200M001216Vess R3600tiS 2X RJ45 10GbE£8378Link
PromiseF29VR36200M001616Vess R3600xiS 2X SFP+ 10GbE£3787Link
SynologyRS4017xs+16RackStation NAS 2X RJ45 10GbE£3848Link
QnapTS-2477XU-RP-2700-16G2419"Rack NAS 2X SFP+ 10GbE£3853Link
SynologyRS4017xs+ (16GB)16RackStation NAS 2X RJ45 10GbE£3891Link
QsanXN7016R16XCubeNAS 2X RJ45 10GbE£3914Link
SynologyRS4017xs+ (32GB ECC)16RackStation NAS 2X RJ45 10GbE£4492Link
QsanXS3212S12XCubeSAN XS3200 2X RJ45 10GbE£4007Link
SynologyRS4017xs+ (64GB)16RackStation NAS 2X RJ45 10GbE£4017Link
QsanXS1216S16XCubeSAN XS1200 2X RJ45 10GbE£4121Link
QnapTVS-EC1280U-SAS-RP-16G-R21219"Rack NAS R2 2X SFP+ 10GbE£4124Link
SynologyRS4017xs+ (64GB ECC)16RackStation NAS 2X RJ45 10GbE£5135Link
SynologyRS4017xs+ (16GB ECC)16RackStation NAS 2X RJ45 10GbE£4170Link
QnapTVS-EC1280U-SAS-RP-8GE-R21219"Rack NAS R2 2X SFP+ 10GbE£4211Link
QsanXS1226S26XCubeSAN XS1200 2X RJ45 10GbE£4262Link
SynologySA340012RackStation NAS 2X RJ45 10GbE£4365Link
QsanXN8024R24XCubeNAS 2X RJ45 10GbE£4435Link
QnapTS-2483XU-RP-E2136-16G2419"Rack NAS 2X RJ45 10GbE£4436Link
SynologyUC320012iSCSI SAN 1X RJ45 10GbE£4529Link
QsanXS1212D12XCubeSAN XS1200 4X RJ45 10GbE£4543Link
QsanXN7024R24XCubeNAS 2X RJ45 10GbE£4610Link
QsanXS3216S16XCubeSAN XS3200 2X RJ45 10GbE£4631Link
PromiseF29VR36200M000916Vess R3600xiD 2X SFP+ 10GbE£4705Link
QnapTS-h1277XU-RP-3700X-128G1219"Rack hero NAS 2X SFP+ 10GbE£4722Link
QsanXS3226S26XCubeSAN XS3200 2X RJ45 10GbE£4809Link
PromiseF29VR36200M000716Vess R3600tiD 2X RJ45 10GbE£4820Link
QnapTS-h1283XU-RP-E2236-128G1219"Rack hero NAS 2X RJ45 10GbE£4831Link
SynologyUC3200 (16GB ECC)12iSCSI SAN 1X RJ45 10GbE£4851Link
QsanXS1224S24XCubeSAN XS1200 2X RJ45 10GbE£4861Link
SynologySA3400 (32GB ECC)12RackStation NAS 2X RJ45 10GbE£4879Link
SynologyFS340024FlashStation NAS 2X RJ45 10GbE£4941Link
QsanXS1216D16XCubeSAN XS1200 4X RJ45 10GbE£5112Link
QsanXS3226D26XCubeSAN XS3200 4X RJ45 10GbE£5116Link
SynologyUC3200 (32GB ECC)12iSCSI SAN 1X RJ45 10GbE£5172Link
QsanXS1226D26XCubeSAN XS1200 4X RJ45 10GbE£5253Link
QsanXS3212D12XCubeSAN XS3200 4X RJ45 10GbE£5282Link
SynologySA3200D12DSM NAS 1X RJ45 10GbE£5353Link
SynologySA3400 (64GB ECC)12RackStation NAS 2X RJ45 10GbE£5393Link
QnapTS-h1683XU-RP-E2236-128G1619"Rack hero NAS 2X RJ45 10GbE£5415Link
SynologyFS3400 (32GB ECC)24FlashStation NAS 2X RJ45 10GbE£5455Link
QnapGM-100116Gemini Dual NAS 4X SFP+ 10GbE£5608Link
QsanXS3224S24XCubeSAN XS3200 2X RJ45 10GbE£5611Link
PromiseF40VR360001012716Vess R3600tiD 2X RJ45 10GbE£20086Link
PromiseF29VR36200M001016Vess R3600xiD 2X SFP+ 10GbE£5624Link
SynologySA3200D (16GB ECC)12DSM NAS 1X RJ45 10GbE£5675Link
SynologySA360012RackStation NAS 2X RJ45 10GbE£5765Link
SynologyUC3200 (64GB ECC)12iSCSI SAN 1X RJ45 10GbE£5816Link
QsanXS3216D16XCubeSAN XS3200 4X RJ45 10GbE£5876Link
QnapTS-h2483XU-RP-E2236-128G2419"Rack hero NAS 2X RJ45 10GbE£5882Link
QnapGM-100216Gemini Dual NAS 4X SFP+ 10GbE£5888Link
QsanXS1224D24XCubeSAN XS1200 4X RJ45 10GbE£5964Link
SynologyFS3400 (64GB ECC)24FlashStation NAS 2X RJ45 10GbE£5969Link
SynologySA3200D (32GB ECC)12DSM NAS 1X RJ45 10GbE£5996Link
SynologySA3600 (32GB ECC)12RackStation NAS 2X RJ45 10GbE£6279Link
SynologySA3400 (128GB ECC)12RackStation NAS 2X RJ45 10GbE£6422Link
ioSafeGA000-016XX-05Server 5 2X RJ45 10GbE£6507Link
SynologyFS360024FlashStation NAS 2X RJ45 10GbE£6590Link
SynologySA3200D (64GB ECC)12DSM NAS 1X RJ45 10GbE£6640Link
InfortrendGS3012S02C0FD-8B3212EonStor GS 3012 Gen2 2X RJ45 10GbE£6679Link
InfortrendGS3012S0C0F0D-8B3212EonStor GS 3012 2X RJ45 10GbE£6679Link
SynologySA3600 (64GB ECC)12RackStation NAS 2X RJ45 10GbE£6793Link
ioSafeGA000-032XX-05Server 5 2X RJ45 10GbE£6843Link
QsanXS3224D24XCubeSAN XS3200 4X RJ45 10GbE£6854Link
SynologyFS3400 (128GB ECC)24FlashStation NAS 2X RJ45 10GbE£6998Link
SynologyFS3600 (32GB ECC)24FlashStation NAS 2X RJ45 10GbE£7104Link
ioSafeGA015-016XX-15Server 5 2X RJ45 10GbE£7180Link
ioSafeGA000-064XX-05Server 5 2X RJ45 10GbE£7180Link
InfortrendGS3012STC0F0D-8B3212EonStor GS 3012 2X RJ45 10GbE£7456Link
ioSafeGA025-016XX-15Server 5 2X RJ45 10GbE£7516Link
SynologyFS3600 (64GB ECC)24FlashStation NAS 2X RJ45 10GbE£7618Link
SynologySA3600 (128GB ECC)12RackStation NAS 2X RJ45 10GbE£7822Link
PromiseF40VR360001014416Vess R3600xiS 2X SFP+ 10GbE£8034Link
ioSafeGA000-128XX-05Server 5 2X RJ45 10GbE£8077Link
InfortrendGS4012S02C0FD-8B3224EonStor GS 4012 Gen2 4X SFP+ 10GbE£8128Link
InfortrendGS3016S02C0FD-8B3216EonStor GS 3016 Gen2 2X RJ45 10GbE£8181Link
InfortrendGS3024S0CBF0D-8B3224EonStor GS 3024B 2X RJ45 10GbE£8181Link
InfortrendGS3016S0C0F0D-8B3216EonStor GS 3016 2X RJ45 10GbE£8181Link
ioSafeGA045-016XX-15Server 5 2X RJ45 10GbE£8302Link
PromiseF40VR360001068416Vess R3600tiS 2X RJ45 10GbE£8378Link
PromiseF40VR360001010516Vess R3600xiS 2X SFP+ 10GbE£8378Link
InfortrendGS3025S02CBFD-8B3225EonStor GS 3025B Gen2 2X RJ45 10GbE£8516Link
InfortrendGS3025S0CBF0D-8B3225EonStor GS 3025B 2X RJ45 10GbE£8516Link
InfortrendGS3024S0C0F0D-8B3224EonStor GS 3024 2X RJ45 10GbE£8622Link
InfortrendGS3024S02C0FD-8B3224EonStor GS 3024 Gen2 2X RJ45 10GbE£8622Link
SynologyFS3600 (128GB ECC)24FlashStation NAS 2X RJ45 10GbE£8647Link
InfortrendGS3016STC0F0D-8B3216EonStor GS 3016 2X RJ45 10GbE£8923Link
SynologyFS640024FlashStation NAS 2X RJ45 10GbE£9058Link
QsanXN8024D24XCubeNXT 2X RJ45 10GbE£9059Link
PromiseF40VR360001014316Vess R3600tiD 2X RJ45 10GbE£11592Link
PromiseF40VR360001017316Vess R3600xiD 2X SFP+ 10GbE£9067Link
QnapTDS-16489U-SE1-R21619"Rack Double Server NAS R2 4X SFP+ 10GbE£9110Link
ioSafeGA085-016XX-15Server 5 2X RJ45 10GbE£9143Link
ioSafeGA065-016XX-15Server 5 2X RJ45 10GbE£9199Link
InfortrendGS3025STCBF0D-8B3225EonStor GS 3025B 2X RJ45 10GbE£9205Link
InfortrendGS3024STC0F0D-8B3224EonStor GS 3024 2X RJ45 10GbE£9293Link
QsanXN8016D16XCubeNXT 2X RJ45 10GbE£9318Link
InfortrendGS4024S02C0FD-8B3224EonStor GS 4024 Gen2 4X SFP+ 10GbE£10071Link
SynologyFS6400 (64GB ECC)24FlashStation NAS 2X RJ45 10GbE£10087Link
PromiseF40VR360001011416Vess R3600tiD 2X RJ45 10GbE£10100Link
PromiseF40VR360001010816Vess R3600xiD 2X SFP+ 10GbE£10100Link
PromiseF40VR360001018716Vess R3600tiS 2X RJ45 10GbE£10215Link
PromiseF40VR360001013616Vess R3600xiS 2X SFP+ 10GbE£10215Link
QnapTDS-16489U-SE2-R21619"Rack Double Server NAS R2 4X SFP+ 10GbE£10412Link
ioSafeGA105-016XX-15Server 5 2X RJ45 10GbE£10468Link
QnapES1686dc-2123IT-64G1619"Rack ZFS NAS 8X SFP+ 10GbE£10538Link
PromiseF40VR360001067616Vess R3600xiS 2X SFP+ 10GbE£10559Link
InfortrendGS3012R02C0FD-8B3212EonStor GS 3012 Gen2 2X RJ45 10GbE£10831Link
InfortrendGS3012R0C0F0D-8B3212EonStor GS 3012 2X RJ45 10GbE£10831Link
SynologyFS6400 (128GB ECC)24FlashStation NAS 2X RJ45 10GbE£11116Link
PromiseF40VR360001013516Vess R3600xiD 2X SFP+ 10GbE£11592Link
PromiseF40VR360001012216Vess R3600tiS 2X RJ45 10GbE£11707Link
PromiseF40VR360001014216Vess R3600xiS 2X SFP+ 10GbE£11707Link
QsanXN8016D_8C16XCubeNXT 2X RJ45 10GbE£11951Link
PromiseF40VR360001011116Vess R3600tiS 2X RJ45 10GbE£12051Link
PromiseF40VR360001015516Vess R3600tiS 2X RJ45 10GbE£16528Link
PromiseF40VR360001067216Vess R3600xiS 2X SFP+ 10GbE£12051Link
QsanXF2026D24XCubeFAS 2X RJ45 10GbE£12052Link
QnapTDS-16489U-SF2-R21619"Rack Double Server NAS R2 4X SFP+ 10GbE£12147Link
PromiseF40VR360001012916Vess R3600tiD 2X RJ45 10GbE£12281Link
PromiseF40VR360001017216Vess R3600xiD 2X SFP+ 10GbE£12281Link
InfortrendGS3024R0CBF0D-8B3224EonStor GS 3024B 2X RJ45 10GbE£12544Link
InfortrendGS3016R0C0F0D-8B3216EonStor GS 3016 2X RJ45 10GbE£12544Link
InfortrendGS3016R02C0FD-8B3216EonStor GS 3016 Gen2 2X RJ45 10GbE£12544Link
InfortrendGS3012RTC0F0D-8B3212EonStor GS 3012 2X RJ45 10GbE£12544Link
QnapES2486dc-2142IT-96G2419"Rack ZFS NAS 2X SFP+ 10GbE£13014Link
QnapES1686dc-2142IT-96G1619"Rack ZFS NAS 8X SFP+ 10GbE£13014Link
InfortrendGS3025R02CBFD-8B3225EonStor GS 3025B Gen2 2X RJ45 10GbE£13039Link
InfortrendGS3025R0CBF0D-8B3225EonStor GS 3025B 2X RJ45 10GbE£13039Link
PromiseF40VR360001017016Vess R3600xiD 2X SFP+ 10GbE£13084Link
SynologyFS6400 (256GB ECC)24FlashStation NAS 2X RJ45 10GbE£13173Link
PromiseF40VD530001001812VTrak D5300xD 4X SFP+ 10GbE£13200Link
PromiseF40VR360001011916Vess R3600tiD 2X RJ45 10GbE£13314Link
InfortrendGS3024R0C0F0D-8B3224EonStor GS 3024 2X RJ45 10GbE£13481Link
InfortrendGS3024R02C0FD-8B3224EonStor GS 3024 Gen2 2X RJ45 10GbE£13481Link
QsanXN8024D_8C24XCubeNXT 2X RJ45 10GbE£13545Link
InfortrendGS4012R02C0FD-8B3224EonStor GS 4012 Gen2 4X SFP+ 10GbE£13604Link
PromiseF40VR360001011516Vess R3600tiS 2X RJ45 10GbE£13888Link
PromiseF40VR360001010216Vess R3600xiS 2X SFP+ 10GbE£13888Link
InfortrendGS3016RTC0F0D-8B3216EonStor GS 3016 2X RJ45 10GbE£13958Link
PromiseF40VR360001011016Vess R3600tiD 2X RJ45 10GbE£14003Link
PromiseF40VR360001018016Vess R3600xiD 2X SFP+ 10GbE£14003Link
PromiseF40VR360001010716Vess R3600xiS 2X SFP+ 10GbE£14232Link
QnapES1686dc-2142IT-128G1619"Rack ZFS NAS 8X SFP+ 10GbE£14316Link
InfortrendGS3025RTCBF0D-8B3225EonStor GS 3025B 2X RJ45 10GbE£14347Link
PromiseF40VD530001002124VTrak D5300fxD 4X SFP+ 10GbE£14411Link
InfortrendGS3024RTC0F0D-8B3224EonStor GS 3024 2X RJ45 10GbE£14736Link
QnapTDS-16489U-SF3-R21619"Rack Double Server NAS R2 4X SFP+ 10GbE£14750Link
QnapES2486dc-2142IT-128G2419"Rack ZFS NAS 2X SFP+ 10GbE£14750Link
PromiseF40VR360001010316Vess R3600xiD 2X SFP+ 10GbE£15265Link
PromiseF40VR360001013916Vess R3600tiD 2X RJ45 10GbE£15380Link
PromiseF40VD530001002224VTrak D5300fxD 4X SFP+ 10GbE£15626Link
PromiseF40VD560001001216VTrak D5600xD 4X SFP+ 10GbE£15626Link
InfortrendGS4024R02C0FD-8B3224EonStor GS 4024 Gen2 4X SFP+ 10GbE£15901Link
PromiseF40VR360001017816Vess R3600tiD 2X RJ45 10GbE£16069Link
PromiseF40VR360001017616Vess R3600xiD 2X SFP+ 10GbE£16069Link
PromiseF40VR360001011716Vess R3600tiS 2X RJ45 10GbE£16183Link
PromiseF40VR360001012516Vess R3600xiS 2X SFP+ 10GbE£16183Link
PromiseF40VR360001067016Vess R3600xiS 2X SFP+ 10GbE£16528Link
PromiseF40VD560001000516VTrak D5600fxD 4X SFP+ 10GbE£16768Link
PromiseF40VD560001001416VTrak D5600xD 4X SFP+ 10GbE£16768Link
InfortrendGS3060G00LF0D-8B3260EonStor GS 3060 2X RJ45 10GbE£17174Link
PromiseF40VR360001012416Vess R3600xiD 2X SFP+ 10GbE£17675Link
PromiseF40VD560001001716VTrak D5600fxD 4X SFP+ 10GbE£17974Link
PromiseF40VD530001000224VTrak D5300fxD 4X SFP+ 10GbE£17974Link
PromiseF40VD580001001224VTrak D5800xD 4X SFP+ 10GbE£17974Link
InfortrendGS3060GT0LF0D-8B3260EonStor GS 3060 2X RJ45 10GbE£18039Link
SynologyFS6400 (512GB ECC)24FlashStation NAS 2X RJ45 10GbE£18317Link
PromiseF40VR360001010616Vess R3600xiD 2X SFP+ 10GbE£18364Link
PromiseF40VR360001016416Vess R3600tiD 2X RJ45 10GbE£18479Link
PromiseF40VR360001015016Vess R3600tiS 2X RJ45 10GbE£18594Link
PromiseF40VR360001015216Vess R3600xiS 2X SFP+ 10GbE£18594Link
PromiseF40VR360001015316Vess R3600tiS 2X RJ45 10GbE£19053Link
PromiseF40VR360001015716Vess R3600xiS 2X SFP+ 10GbE£19053Link
PromiseF40VD530001000324VTrak D5300fxD 4X SFP+ 10GbE£19189Link
PromiseF40VD580001001324VTrak D5800xD 4X SFP+ 10GbE£19189Link
PromiseF40VD560001001116VTrak D5600xD 4X SFP+ 10GbE£19189Link
PromiseF40D5320001000624VTrak D5320xD 4X SFP+ 10GbE£19189Link
PromiseF40VD580001001424VTrak D5800fxD 4X SFP+ 10GbE£19189Link
PromiseF40VR360001016516Vess R3600xiD 2X SFP+ 10GbE£19971Link
PromiseF40VD560001000316VTrak D5600xD 4X SFP+ 10GbE£20400Link
PromiseF40D5320001000424VTrak D5320fxD 4X SFP+ 10GbE£20400Link
PromiseF40VD580001001524VTrak D5800fxD 4X SFP+ 10GbE£26394Link
PromiseF40VR360001015616Vess R3600tiD 2X RJ45 10GbE£20774Link
PromiseF40VR360001013116Vess R3600xiD 2X SFP+ 10GbE£20774Link
PromiseF40VD560001001016VTrak D5600fxD 4X SFP+ 10GbE£21616Link
PromiseF40VD560001000116VTrak D5600fxD 4X SFP+ 10GbE£22758Link
PromiseF40VD560001001816VTrak D5600xD 4X SFP+ 10GbE£22758Link
InfortrendGS3060R0CLF0D-8B3260EonStor GS 3060 2X RJ45 10GbE£23145Link
PromiseF40VD580001000524VTrak D5800xD 4X SFP+ 10GbE£23968Link
PromiseF40D5320001000724VTrak D5320xD 4X SFP+ 10GbE£23968Link
InfortrendGS3060RTCLF0D-8B3260EonStor GS 3060 2X RJ45 10GbE£24735Link
PromiseF40D5320001000524VTrak D5320fxD 4X SFP+ 10GbE£25184Link
PromiseF40VD560001000616VTrak D5600fxD 4X SFP+ 10GbE£25184Link
PromiseF40VD580001000424VTrak D5800xD 4X SFP+ 10GbE£26394Link
InfortrendGS4060G020LFD-8B3260EonStor GS 4060 Gen2 2X RJ45 10GbE£28641Link
PromiseF40VD580001000224VTrak D5800fxD 4X SFP+ 10GbE£28742Link
PromiseF40VD580001001124VTrak D5800xD 4X SFP+ 10GbE£28742Link
PromiseF40VD580001001824VTrak D5800fxD 4X SFP+ 10GbE£31168Link
InfortrendGS4060R02CLFD-8B3260EonStor GS 4060 Gen2 2X RJ45 10GbE£39988Link

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