Compare 10Gbe switch

Find the cheapest 10Gbe switch. List is sorted by price - cheapest first. Find the best solution based on brand name. Or choose between specific number of bays switch unit has. Based on your preferred network setup, you can choose between SFP+ or regular RJ45 connector type.

NetGearGS110MX-100UKS1GbE+10GbE Unmanaged Switch8-Port RJ45, 2x RJ45 10GbE£158.3Link
NetGearGS810EMX-100UKS1GbE+10GbE Nighthawk SX10 Gaming Switch8-Port RJ45, 2x RJ45 10GbE£190.4Link
NetGearGS110EMX-100UKS1GbE+10GbE Smart Managed Plus Switch8-Port RJ45, 2x RJ45 10GbE£193.7Link
NetGearMS510TX-100EUS1GbE+10GbE Smart Managed Pro Switch9-Port RJ45 (4x 1G, 2x 2.5G, 2x 5G, 1x 10G) , 1x Shared SFP+£230Link
NetGearXS505M-100EUS10GbE Unmanaged Switch4-Port RJ45, 1x SFP+£258.3Link
NetGearGC728X-100EUSInsight Managed Cloud Switch24-Port with 2x SFP, 2x 10GbE SFP£290.2Link
NetGearMS510TXPP-100EUS1GbE+10GbE Smart Managed Pro Switch9-Port RJ45 (4x 1G, 2x 2.5G, 2x 5G, 1x 10G) , 1x Shared SFP+, 8x PoE+ (138W)£300.9Link
NetGearXS508M-100EUS10GbE Unmanaged Switch8-Port RJ45, 1x Shared SFP+£324.4Link
QnapQSW-804-4C10GbE Combo SwitchSwitch, 4x combo SFP+ / RJ45, 4x SFP+£358Link
NetGearGC752X-100EUSInsight Managed Cloud Switch48-Port with 2x SFP, 2x 10GbE SFP£379.9Link
NetGearXS708T-100NES10GbE Smart Switch8-Port RJ45, 2x Shared SFP+£413.1Link
QnapQSW-1208-8C10GbE Combo SwitchSwitch, 8x combo SFP+ / RJ45, 4x SFP+£435Link
NetGearXS708E-200NES10GbE Plus Switch8-Port RJ45, 1x Shared SFP+ (v2)£451.9Link
NetGearGS728TX-100NESGigabit Smart SwitchS3300-28X 28-Port with 4x 10G£495.8Link
NetGearGC728XP-100EUSInsight Managed Cloud Switch24-Port with 2x SFP, 2x 10GbE SFP, 24x PoE+ (390W)£527.5Link
NetGearGC752XP-100EUSInsight Managed Cloud Switch48-Port with 2x SFP, 2x 10GbE SFP, 48x PoE+ (505W)£677.1Link
NetGearXS512EM-100EUS10GbE Unmanaged Switch12-Port RJ45, 2x Shared SFP+£687.6Link
NetGearXS712T-200NES10GbE Smart Switch12-Port RJ45, 2x Shared SFP+£725.4Link
NetGearXS716T-100NES10GbE Smart Switch16-Port RJ45, 2x Shared SFP+£826.1Link
NetGearGS752TX-100NESGigabit Smart SwitchS3300-52X 52-Port with 4x 10G£841.2Link
NetGearGS728TXP-100NESGigabit Smart SwitchS3300-28X-PoE+ 28-Port with 4x 10G, 24x PoE+ (195W)£869.2Link
NetGearXS716E-100NES10GbE Plus Switch16-Port RJ45, 1x Shared SFP+£916.5Link
NetGearGS752TXS-100EUSGigabit Smart Switch52-Port with 4x SFP+, 10G£1177.6Link
NetGearGS752TXP-100NESGigabit Smart SwitchS3300-52X-PoE+ 52-Port with 4x 10G, 48x PoE+ (390W)£1212.6Link
NetGearXS724EM-100EUS10GbE Plus Switch24-Port RJ45, 2x Shared SFP+£1374.3Link
NetGearXSM4316S-100NES10GbE Managed SwitchM4300-8X8F - 8x RJ45, 8x SFP+£1522.9Link
NetGearXS728T-100NES10GbE Smart Switch24-Port RJ45, 4x SFP+£1697.5Link
NetGearXSM4324S-100NES10GbE Managed SwitchM4300-12X12F - 12x RJ45, 12x SFP+£2066.9Link
NetGearXSM4324CS-100NES10GbE Managed SwitchM4300-24X - 24x RJ45, 4x SFP+£2179.3Link
NetGearXS748T-100NES10GbE Smart Switch44-Port RJ45, 4x SFP+£2885.7Link
NetGearXSM4348S-100NES10GbE Managed SwitchM4300-24X24F - 24x RJ45, 24x SFP+£3930Link
NetGearXSM4348CS-100NES10GbE Managed SwitchM4300-48X - 48x RJ45, 4x SFP+£4101.5Link

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