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DiskStation NAS
5-Bay, 2x 1GbE, NVMe (8GB RAM)
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Form Factor / Drive Height
166 x 230 x 223 mm
Platter size
Platter (alternate)
CPU Mark (
Total Drives
Total Drives (alternate)


2X RJ45 1GbE
2X M.2 NVMe
5X SATA 3.5
2X USB3 type A (host)
SATA to Gigabit Ethernet (1,000 Mbit/s)
Weight (kg)
Weight (bare)
Synology DiskStation NAS


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Our Review: 5/5
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Price ex.VAT:£553.00
Price inc.VAT:£663.60



DESIGN rating score 9.00

FEATURES rating score 9.00

PERFORMANCE rating score 8.00

rating score 8.00
Synology DS1019+ PROS

designUsing a very similar chassis to the DS918+, the DS1019+ gives you 5 bays of storage in a much more compact chassis that the DS1517+. Additionally the unit manages to give you all the ports, features and connections that you would expect - despite it's modest size. Plus hotswappable+lockable drive trays are a bonus too! Lastly, the cherry on the cake is the 2x NVMe slots subtly hidden in the base. Lots of functionality, all hidden in a small case.
featuresThere are not many modern applications in NAS that the DS1019+ cannot do. Supporting the very latest version of DSM 6.2 and all the first and third party applications that are on the software from Synology. You will only really hit limitations if you are looking at a NAS that can edit large media live (photo-video editors) or want to achieve upload/download above 200MB/s. Even then, internal Read/Write will be excellent and can be further improved by installing two NVMe SSD drives in a RAID 1 environment.
performanceGreat performance inside and out, thanks to that Intel J3455 Quad Core CPU and Memory that can be expanded all the way upto 8GB (or 16GB unofficially). Additionally, this device will functon exceptionally well as a Plex Media Server, surveillance platform, backup server and supports transcoding of 1080p and 4K of upto 2 streams at once. If you want to really push it, then add the SSD Media to the NVMe slots and really watch those IOPs go crazy!
valueFor 5 Bay NAS, you are getting an awful lot of bang for your buck. It is not the cheapest unit in the Synology flagship series, but it is still fantastic value for all this hardware, 3 years of warranty and constant updates. Buy this NAS if you want a good, solid amount of RAID storage and want to stay on top of your NAS needs in years to come.
Synology DS1019+ CONS

designThe plastic chassis may put some users off who were used to the metal case on the DS1517+ previously.
featuresOnly 2x RJ45 LAN and a lack of PCIe slot/10Gbe may limit some users looking to switch to 10G in their network or point to point editing in the near future.
performanceOnce again, the lack of 10Gbe potential and just the two LANs mean that the speeds you get on DAY 1 externally, will not go any higher as the years go by.
valueThe DS918+ NAS, which features 4 drives, is still lower in price than this device and with near enough identical specifications. Those on a tight budget may well want to go for the 4 bay DS918+ and spend the money saved on an extra Terabyte of storage.

General Performance

People often choose Synology because of user friendly interface as well as being suited for Mac and Windows based environments. It is relatively easy to set up and use, and those who are new to Network Attached Storage are advised to go for the Synology.

About Connections

There are two LAN ports on this box, making it a good home or small business NAS as you can utilise Link Aggregation and Failover support. Two USB3 ports on this Synology is offering you up to 5Gb/s transfer speeds of external devices. It is fast enough to get your files through fairly quickly with this speed and make backing up with an external drive or Apple Time Machine a quick and easy process. There is one eSATA port on DS1019+ giving you up to 6Gb/s transfer speeds. Sometimes when your business grows, you might consider getting a box with expansion capabilities. With this box you have all opportunities to do so. You might want to contact one of our tech guys to find out more.

About Usage

With 5 bay unit you are having additional advantages. You can choose from number of RAID solutions to set up. There could be RAID that saves your data even if one of the drives fail so you can still recover your data. This would be slightly more safe option to keep your data. Besides you can still access your documents or media files over your private network or even internet. You may install Plex Media Server on this box. Plex lets you easily create a feature rich and practical home media playback system. Some boxes offer real time transcoding functionality. That let you stream your media hustle free, based on your device speed or screen size. Please contact us to find transcoding compatibility list.

Price And Warranty

This box comes with 3 year warranty for your peace of mind and long term hardware security. This box comes with a price tag £553.00.

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