From Camera to Computer - How to Save time and Money

  It's a wrap! You have your hard earned photos and now it's simply a case of transferring them to your Workstation/Editing suite. Only it's not quite as simple as that sometimes. For those in the industry, time really IS money and the act of connecting your camera via USB or fiddling with connecting SSD's externally can soon become tiresome. Luckily there are many ways to shave off valuable minutes ranging from Docking Stations to Memory Card expansions.

Sonnet Pro 2 Card Reader Sonnet ExpressCard 34 Pro Reader/Writer   Sonnet 21-in-1 ExpressCard/34 Reader
Sonnet Pro 2 Card Reader TB-P2 Thunderbolt Card Reader for Panasonic P2
£255.00 0.0p 0.0p
Docking Stations however are a more all-encompassing solution for on-the-fly data drops and also include the ability to use more than just SSD and Memory cards. With the right Docking Bad solution, you have the ability to channel a large number of external devices and storage through one device directly into your Host machine. Another useful bonus is that a great many of the Docking Stations out there are Standalone - so you can sync devices together without a PC or Mac.

HDD/SSD Docking Station with
USB 3.0
AKiTiO Thunderbolt2 Hub WITH USB3.0, FW800,eSATA,TB2 2x HDD/SSD Docking Station with USB 3.0
StarTech Docking Station SDOCKU33HB 1x 2.5"/3.5" SATA HDD/SSD - USB3 UASP + hub - Black StarTech Docking Station SDOCK2U33EB 2x 2.5"/3.5" SATA HDD/SSD - USB3 UASP + eSATA
£58.40 £52.30 0.0p
Alternatively, for those of a multi-purpose and portability frame of mind, the alternative is to get yourself a screwless/tooless enclosure or frame. This will give you the ability to quickly switch your camera storage from internal storage to an external drive in moments. And with SSDs and 2.5" HDDs not requiring additional power, the transition isn't just easy, it's fuss free and truly portable!

StarTech USB3 Pocket Case - 7mm thick StarTech USB3 - One Button Backup StarTech USB3 - Pin Protected Case
StarTech USB3 Pocket Case S2510BPU337 For 2.5" SATA HD (7mm) + UASP (Plastic)
£15.60 0.0p 0.0p
Of course, you don't have to stop at solutions that just cover Camera to PC/Mac. These says transferring the data from a memory card directly into a wireless hotspot is possible, thereby integrating your camera storage into a fully-fledged NAS equipped utility. Think beyond storage and more on application.

Qnap Mobile NAS Qgenie Card Reader Toshiba AeroMobile 128GB SSD & Card Reader WD My Passport Wireless with USB3.0 & SD Card Reader
0.0p 0.0p 0.0p

Pro Tip - Whether you plan on backing up your files to separate locations immediately post-shoot, or are just looking for a portable means to send your media to a plethora of devices, innovations such as these will give you peace of mind and lightning fast transfers. Don't be afraid to have 2 methods in place as many of the above are highly portable and having both a local and on-site upload system can be the best routine

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