Store your Photos with a RAID Storage Archive

  In no time at all you will start to see your megabytes (MB) turn into Gigabytes(GB) and your Gigabytes into Terabytes (TB). Suddenly the idea of storing all your media on your trusty Mac or PC suddenly is no longer viable. Now is the time to starting thinking about your Backups. Let's talk about a Local Backup - a Large, Multi Hard Drive (HDD) or Solid State Drive (SSD) Enclosure with RAID for protection from Hard Disk Failure. For those with home or low demand archive needs, we recommend a compact 2 drive archive in a RAID 1 (Mirror or Clone) setup. Take a look:

LaCie Rugged Triple
USB3,USB2 &Firewire 800
StarTech 2-Bay
eSATA, USB3.0 and UASP 
Western Digital MyBook 2-Bay
Thunderbolt 8TB Included
LaCie Rugged Triple STEU1000400 / LAC301984 USB3+USB2+Firewire 1TB StarTech 2-Bay SATA -to- eSATA+USB3 S3520BU33ER Case for 2x SATA HD; RAID 0/1 with UASP, Black
£79.00 £77.00 0.0p
However for those in need of semi-professional capacity levels or those who just made the move from Hobby to Career, two bays of storage in a RAID 1 will feel quite constricting early on. You should consider a 4/5 Bay storage option, with a RAID 5 storage environment. It will give you a larger capacity overall and more peace of mind. We would recommend the following:

Akitio 4-Bay
Thunderbolt 2 Mini Case (External RAID required)
Drobo 4-Bay Gen 3
USB 3.0 DDR3A31
Akitio /InXtron 4-Bay
19" Rack, eSATA & USB3.0
AKiTiO 4-Bay Thunderbolt2 Mini Case Thunder2 Quad mini  TBQM-TIAA-AKTU For 4x 2.5" SATA HD (up to 15mm) Non-RAID (2x TB2) - Windows & Mac
0.0p 0.0p 0.0p
If you are in the Professional or Enterprise level of Photography and Videography, then you should really be thinking much, much bigger. Many Companies and people take this moment to make the leap from a more familiar Desktop Storage environment and into Rackmount Storage devices. Suddenly eight, twelve, sixteen, twenty-four and yes, even forty-eight bays of storage is up for consideration. And with the dawn of 4K cinema (4096×2160) and 16K Digital Cinema (15360x8640) popping up, suddenly hundreds of Terabytes of Storage doesn't sound so vast!

Infortrend Eonstar ESDA 1012G 12-Bay
Single Controller
Promise VTrack VTE630fS 24-Bay
Netstor 48-Bay Enclosure
Built in latest 12Gb/s SAS Expander
Promise VTrak VTE630fS RAID F40E63F00010000 19"Rack-3U, 16xSAS/SATA 6Gb to 4xFCAL-8gbit, RAID-0/1/5/6;  8x 2TB 7K SAS 16TB NetStor 48-Bay SAS-12GB JBOD NS390S-8028-R 19"Rack-5U; 48x 3.5" SAS/SATA HD;  SAS-12GB;  + SAS Expander;  Redundant PSU
0.0p £6,194.00 £5,618.00
Don't forget your Hard Drives! When it comes to selecting your drives, you should always be mindful of your Storage environment. The majority of modern hard drives are now tailor made for specific storage tasks. So, dependant on whether you intend to access them often, have them on for days at a time, or just to sync too sporadically (not recommended) then here is our breakdown of the best drives available. Each was selected to not only cover a specific Storage Environment, but also as the best balance of Capacity vs Speed vs Price in their field.  

DataCenter & Enterprise

WD SE 4TB - WD4000F9YZ
NAS - upto 7-Bays

NAS - upto 8-Bays+

Seagate 6TB - Enterprise HDD
WD Red WD60EFRX 3.5" SATA 6Gb/s 6TB 5400rpm
0.0p £155.00 0.0p


Low Power Consumption

WD Green 6TB - WD60EZRX
SAS Enterprise 

Hitachi-HGST 8TB - UltraStar He8
Large Capacity Archive

Segate Archive 8TB v2
0.0p 0.0p 0.0p
Last but not least, don't forget that we at SPAN.COM can physically build your RAID storage, install the latest available firmware, setup your RAID before shipping and perform numerous diagnostic tests in advance before shipping your order at no additional cost. Our "SpanStor Build & Test" service comes highly recommended and is the perfect way to ensure you recieve your order, ready to go out of the box!


Top Tip - RAID stands for Redundant Array of Independent Disks. It works as a means spreading your data across several drives yet still maintaining the ability to recover data if 1 drive fails. There are many kinds of RAID, Ranging from RAID 0, 1, 5, 6, 10 and many more variations. Each weighs up the Pros and Cons of Capacity vs Redundancy (safety).

Click Here for more options on Drive Enclosures and RAID options



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