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How to choose the best hard drive for your needs

how to choose hdd

What is a Hard Drive? And which one do I need?

A hard drive is where all your important data lives. But that is just the start. Different tasks require different Hard Drives. Like any good tool, some are made for big jobs and some for little jobs. You wouldn't use a hammer to open a open a bottle of milk. Using the wrong tool for the job can lead to disaster is therefore it is imperative that you get the right drive for the job.

We at SPAN.COM have spent over 20 years getting to know data storage and have used this information to form this handy tool to guide you all the way through from beginning to end. Whether it's overall capacity, speed, size or brand, we aren't happy will you have the right tool for the job.

With so many Hard Drives to choose from, it can all get a little confusing. Let SPAN.COM take the work out of it with our user friendly Hard Drive Selector

hdd for photo/ video editing
Photo And Video Editing
hdd for photo/ video editing
hdd for photo/ video editing
hdd for photo/ video editing
hdd for photo/ video editing
hdd for photo/ video editing
hdd for photo/ video editing
DAS- Large Storage
hdd for photo/ video editing
Data Centers

Still lost? Do you have a more specific use in mind?

Why not contact us directly and our team of Sales and Technical advisors will be able to point you in the right direction.
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[+44] (0)20 8288 8555

Originally started in 1994, SPAN was created with one goal in mind - to become the premium provider of data storage solutions to business and home users alike. Over 20 years later, SPAN is now a thriving company with a team of dedicated employees and a driving commitment to achieving that original core directive — providing first class data storage solutions. This does not begin and end at checkout. We at SPAN believe that no order is complete until a customer is satisfied, and it is with that in mind that we have worked consistently to provide the three S’. 

Support — 
We at SPAN know that Data Storage is always evolving and it can all get confusing. Have no fear. We offer everything from detailed product information, direct technical support and live-chat facilities to direct phone support, compatibility options and a team of technical advisors with years of hands-on experience. No stone is left unturned. 

Security — 
Whether it’s the data on your drive or your visit to our site, we consider your security paramount. With multiple layers of protection in our transaction processes and constant efforts being made to ensure every order is seamless, we think you’ll fine SPAN to be one of the safest place on the web. 

Satisfaction — 
Above all other priorities, your satisfaction is the most important of all. From the big blue chip companies to the home user in his living room, we want you to feel satisfied that SPAN will go that extra mile for you. Nothing is more crucial to our goals than you finishing your purchase, safe in the knowledge that you have achieved yours too! Thank you as always for choosing SPAN.COM. 


What does a hard drive do?
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