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Hard Drive Upgrades for Laptops, Macbooks and Netbooks

 Portable Digital access is a very common thing these days. Thanks to the internet becoming mobile and technology becoming smaller and lighter, digital devices no long need to stay at home or in the offer. Along side the boom of mobile computers, digital storage has grown likewise. The majority of Hard Drives found in more mobile computer devices are smaller.

This is done in part to keep the device light but more importantly because they use less power. Laptops and Macbooks predominantly use 2.5" or 'Laptop' hard Drives and typically as long as a drive is 2.5" in size, a SATA connection and at least 5400RPM, then you should be able to install it. However that does not neccessarily mean you are using the right drive for the job.


Use the hard drive selector tool to narrow down the hundreds of drives than meet your requirements to a simple few. Rest assured that all drives shown are the best available and factor in speed, size and capacity and all arrive with a manufacturers warranty.

First select a capacity. Tpically we would recommend at least between 500GB and 1TB.


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What’s the most reliable hard drive?
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