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Hard Drives for Desktop and Home PC Systems

 The most common place you will find a Hard Drive is inside your Desktop PC or Mac. Traditionally it was the storage area of your PC that was utilised for Operating Systems and System programs to be storage. However as the years have past, regular 3.5" Hard drives as we know them are use for bulk Mass storage with core operations and software being installed on a SSD, or Solid State Drive.

However Due to the increased cost per Gigabyte, Hard Drives, or HDD, have yet to be fully eclipsed by their smaller, faster rival. When purchasing a Hard Drive for your Apple Mac or Windows PC, your key points to consider are Capacity and Speed. There are other factors such as cache and platters, but in order to keep things user friendly, let us just focus on Storage Capacity and Rotation Speed. 

Hard Drive now are predominantly measured in TB, or Terabytes. The more TB you are looking to purchase, the more you will find that the drive costs. We recommend at least 2TB of storage when purchasing a 3.5" Hard Drive. Along side this the larger the Capacity, the harder a drive has to work to maintain sufficient levels of Speed. To this end we would recommend purchasing a drive with between 5400-7200RPM (Rotations per Minute). There are numerous other features that can affect the price and bracket of a Hard Drive against it's contemporaries, but you will find that any Hard Drive recommended by our Hard Drive selector will be a good balance of Speed against Capacity.

Size of drive:


Of course, this is just the tip of the Iceberg. There are literally thousands of possible drives to buy and perhaps there is one that is far more catered to your storage environment. If you feel that none of the drives shown are quite right for you, or you have a question about data storage and Hard Drives in general, take a moment to use Live Chat using the button below:

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