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Hard Drives for Photo and Video Editing

 Photographers and Video Editors require Hard Drives of a sturdy and rugged nature.

Alongside the large capacities that are required for larger density media files, such as 1080P and 4K, they also need a Storage Solution with a high degree of reliability and stability. 

The majority of people in need of Digital Storage in the these industries work within OSX / Mac enviroments. Rest assured, all Hard Drives (unless otherwise clearly specified) are both Windows and Apple Mac compatible. 

First and formost you should think about the amount of storage you require, Then considerations such as Speed and Warranty can be considered. Typically these drives will be a fraction more expensive than traditional Desktop PC Hard Drives, however this is because they have been designed with a higher workload and task system in mind.

First off, which size Hard Drive will you need


For video files, the larger the resolution, the larger the files. In the case of photos, the same is also true regarding resolution and mega-pixels, as well as layers that are applied in post-production. In essence you will almost always need at least 2TB of digital Storage for Photos and currently around 4TB and above for Video Editing and Archiving your existing Files.

Frequently Asked Questions

How big a hard drive do I need?
That is purely up to you and the task you need it for. Ideally though you should be thinking 2TB and above if you are working with 720p and 1080p Media.

what hard drive capacity do i need for video editing?
You will save yourself a lot of trouble if you start somewhere around the 4TB mark. Alternatively, the safety concious may wish to buy 2 individual Hard Drives and run a RAID 1 across them. This will create a complete backup of all your files. Always remember though that you will need to buy 2 times the amount of storage you need.

Which harddrive should I buy for video editing?
Generally you will should a High Performance and (more importantly) long Warranty Hard drive. Most Hard Disk brands will take greater care in manufacturing HDDs with longer warranties to limit return costs later. We at SPAN strongly recommend the WD Black series, as it provides High Quality, consistent drives at not enterprise prices.

What Hard Drives Should You Buy For Your Video Business?
That depends on how you intend to use your video files. If you plan on distributing them, then perhaps you should consider a NAS, or Network Attached Storage storage environment. For that we would recommend Seagate NAS Hard drives. However for Editing Video Files, we would always recommend WD Black HDDs, available into up to 6 Terabytes.

What’s the most reliable hard drive?
That is hard to say as no two Storage environments are the same. You could have 2 identical machines populated with the same drives, but if one is processing larger files than the other, they are wildly different storage environments. On the whole we would not sell a Hard Drive at SPAN.COM unless we feel it is a reliable and capable Hard-Drive. So, if you find it at SPAN, then you can count on it working!

With our Hard Drive finder you do not need to worry choosing right drive, because here you will find only drives for right purpose. We have narrowed down Thousands of Hard drives into this handy step by step tool and the drives you find at the end will be fit for your purpose. So what are you waiting for...Start clicking!

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