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G-Technology, a Western Digital Corporation brand. 

G-Technology's roots are deeply ingrained in delivering premium storage solutions for audio/video production, photography and the professional content creation market. From storing, transferring, editing and distributing content, G-Technology makes the workflow simpler, better and faster. G-Technology's high-performance portable and desktop drives, flexible transfer/edit solutions and fast RAID systems are all built for professional content creation environments where performance and reliability are paramount.

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IEU3g-guc-4 G-Tech
G-Tech G-DRIVE USB-C 0G05667 USB3.1 HDD 4TB 5400rpm
ex.VAT £140.00
10 in 2 days

IEPTBg-mp-500 G-Tech
G-Tech G-DRIVE mobile Pro SSD 0G10310 Thunderbolt 500GB SSD
ex.VAT £216.00
< 10 in 2 days

IEU3g-guc-10 G-Tech
G-Tech G-DRIVE USB-C 0G05679 USB3.1 HDD 10TB 5400rpm
ex.VAT £279.00
< 10 in 2 days

IEPTBg-mp-1T G-Tech
G-Tech G-DRIVE mobile Pro SSD 0G10311 Thunderbolt 1TB SSD
ex.VAT £423.00
20+ in 2 days

IETBg-gr3-8 G-Tech
G-Tech G-RAID 0G05749 Thunderbolt3; 2x HDD 8TB 7200rpm
Price drop
Save £13.20
ex.VAT £492.00
10+ in 2 days

IETBg-gd3-14 G-Tech
G-Tech G-DRIVE 0G10428 Thunderbolt3 14TB 7200rpm
Price drop
Save £15.60
ex.VAT £578.00
10+ in 2 days

IETBg-gss3-8 G-Tech
G-Tech G-SPEED Shuttle SSD 0G10189 Thunderbolt3; 8x SSD 8TB SSD
Price drop
Save £104.40
ex.VAT £3,734.00
< 5 in 2 days

IETBg-gd3-4 G-Tech
G-Tech G-DRIVE 0G05364 Thunderbolt3 4TB 7200rpm
Price drop
Save £8.40
ex.VAT £296.00
In 30 days

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