Netstor, established in 2001, was born for dedicating to cutting-edge storage and PCIe expansion solutions for varied business applications. Both our experienced R&D team with market-driven orientation and premium production line incubate Netstor’s excellent product performance, advanced stability, state-of-the-art I/O interfaces, and outstanding compatibilities.

We believe, in the external data storage and PCIe expansion domain, to be the customers’ trusted partner is continually the driving force for our sustainable development for our businesses

We aim to be the forerunner in the industry and never stop engaging in designing storage and expansion solutions for providing more compatible, efficient and secure implements for varied end-users. We seek to constantly satisfy customers’ needs and completely meet their expectations with our best products; committing in manufacturing superior quality products is our promise to the clients.

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NetStor NA381TB3

4U 24 bay Thunderbolt3 JBOD storage with PCIe expansion, 650W redundnat PSU, with one Thunderbolt 2M cable

£2,120 (ex. VAT)

NetStor NA762TB3

Desktop 8 bay Thunderbolt3 RAID storage, 300W single PSU, with one Thunderbolt 2M cable

£1,640 (ex. VAT)

NetStor NA265A-XGPU-S

4U Rackmount PCIe Gen3 expansion enclosure, with PCIe x8 host adapter, Two 1.5M PCIe cable, Single 1200W PSU

£1,950 (ex. VAT)

NetStor NS372TB3

1U 2*5.25" bayThunderbolt 3 enclosure,with 250W single PSU, with one Thunderbolt 1M cable

£1,330 (ex. VAT)