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Some of your data is priceless. I know it is a hard fact to consider but from pictures of your child growing up, to those ones from your wedding day or of a lost relative - some data is truly irreplaceable and no amount of money will buy it again. With so much of our lives moving to a digital platform, we take for granted that our data is spread across too many devices to be just lost forever. Sometimes it doesn't even have to be caused by a system of hardware malfunction. Don't overlook human error...

When it comes to digital storage, having a comprehensive backup system in place is paramount. If you are wondering whether your current backup plans are sufficient, then go through the rules below. If you can answer 'Yes' to all of them, then well done - you can sleep safe and sound. If not, then you should improve your backup before it's too late. Take a moment and think what would happen if the device you read this on right now crashed and refused to boot again. How many files on it are irreplaceable? How much time and money just went up in smoke in those tiny kilobits and megabits?

The Rules

1. Do you have a backup of all your business and personal data up to this second?

2. Are your Backup(s) and original data in different locations (separate building or offsite)?

3. Does your Backup have a backup? e.g. a RAID 1 setup or syncing with a cloud.

4. If your data is being shared and contributed to, are the other users' data being backed up too?

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