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June 2018   New Versus Old

With the summer now firmly underway, we have noticed a number of you have started making that hard choice between your hard drives and your soft sun loungers. That's OK; everyone deserves a break and should relax a little. So we thought we would take the opportunity to tell you about some of the great NAS from Synology that will be arriving with us in the autumn.

Like all areas of technology, NAS brands have to find a line between their new up and coming units and their established older favourites. It is not always that new units are better than old (oh the Synology DS916+ - how we miss you!) and so we thought we would give you the chance to see the new units that are coming, alongside their closest Synology NAS available right NOW.

If you want to buy a new unit arriving later in the year, simply click the 'notify me' button on the product page, or click the 'reserve' button and enter your details (we won't need any payment from you, until the release and price is confirmed, and then you can choose to keep the order, or give it a miss).

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Synology Home & Backup NAS    

There is always popular demand for a 1-Bay NAS and Synology are giving you a new unit to add to their 1 HDD family, with the DS119J. With modest specs and a pricetag that promises to be close to that of the DS115j - is this the new purchase for your network this Autumn?

NEW for Sept/Oct Bargain Alternative Even Better NAS
Synology SMB and Multimedia NAS    

4-Bay and 5-Bay Synology NAS are easily the most requested NAS from the guys at Synology (with a new 2-Bay coming a very close 2nd) and there is a new kid on the block coming this September/October in the DS1019+ 5-Bay. However it does feature VERY similar specs to the DS918+ and for some of you, there's no need to wait months just to pay extra for 1 more HDD Bay.

NEW for Sept/Oct Bargain Alternative Even Better NAS
Synology Business & Big Storage    

Business and network attached storage - a winning combination, right? However all too many businesses have difficulty defining the line between maximum storage and maximum internal hardware. The DS2419+ promises to be a NAS that finds the middle ground with it's newer gen intel Atom CPU and PCIe slot, plus 12 HDD bays. Not that impressed? Then in that case, maybe try the DS2415+ right now for less!

NEW for Sept/Oct Bargain Alternative Even Better NAS
Synology Routers and Networking    

Though Synology have only been in the business of routers for just over two years, they already have some excellent hardware and their SRM software is pretty impressive too. Their latest offering for the end of 2018 is the MR2200ac Mesh Router, which can work standalone, or by hooking into and extending your existing network - pretty cool. Not interested? Then we definitely recommend the RT1900ac for those on a tighter budget, or the RT2600ac for those with a little more to play with and want the POWER!

NEW for Sept/Oct Bargain Alternative Even Better Router

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