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WD Gold to be Replaced by HGST DC UltraStar HDD

Western Digital, one of the biggest names in hard drives, has announced a big shake-up in the range of Enterprise and data centre class media. Keen followers of network-attached storage and data storage media will be aware of the popular WD Gold series of hard drives. For those that aren’t, following the formulation of Western Digital and the colour key marketing strategy (Red = NAS, Purple  = Surveillance, etc), WD Gold series was released around 2 years ago and was designed for data centre and Enterprise users. The WD Gold series arrived in up to 12TB capacity and was chiefly designed to replace the confusing range of hard drives for data centre uses. Until the release of WD Gold, datacenters would be required to choose between the WD Re, Xe and Se range of hard drives – remarkably confusing. Much like WD Red, Black Blue and Purple, WD gold was designed to streamline data centre hard drives simplify the selecting the right drive.

Goodbye WD Gold – Hello HGST Ultrastar DC

Which may make the next bit a little counter-intuitive. WD Gold is announced to go end of life in just over a month and stocks are expected to have sold through before the end of the year. In its place, WD is releasing the HGST DC (datacenter) range of drives. Western Digital acquired both HGST and SanDisk in the last couple of years and during that time has been integrating this increased range of hard drive devices into a more manageable series of model numbers.

What does this mean for WD Gold users?

The good news is that the HGST DC Ultrastar hard drives are identical to that of the WD Gold series. if you already own a NAS or SAN device that is populated with the WD Gold drives and you want to replace a defective drive, then you are able to use the chart below to get the right HGST Ultrastar drive to match your WD Gold drive
The table below shows the specific WD Gold hard drive models and part numbers, along with the respective replacement Ultrastar models and part numbers. Please begin ordering the corresponding Ultrastar branded hard drives to replace the outgoing WD Gold branded hard drives. (click the model number to view the drive)
WD Gold Enterprise HDD

HGST Ultrastar DC Model


WD1005FBYZ-01xxxxx (1TB 512n) —–> HUS722T1TALA604 (1TB 512n) p/n 1W10001
WD2005FBYZ-01xxxxx (2TB 512n) —–> HUS722T2TALA604 (2TB 512n) p/n 1W10002
WD4002FYYZ-01xxxxx (4TB 512n) —–> HUS726T4TALA6L4 (4TB 512n) p/n 0B35950
WD6002FRYZ-01xxxxx (6TB 512e) —–> HUS726T6TALE6L4 (6TB 512e) p/n 0B36039
WD8003FRYZ-01xxxxx (8TB 512e) —–> HUS728T8TALE6L4 (8TB 512e) p/n 0B36404
WD101KRYZ-01xxxxx (10TB 512e) —–> HUH721010ALE604 (10TB 512e) p/n 0F27606
WD121KRYZ-01xxxxx (12TB 512e) —–> HUH721212ALE604 (12TB 512e) p/n 0F30146
No 14TB WD Gold Drive —–> Ultrastar DC HC530 14TB 512e (SAS and SATA)



Pricewise, these two hard drives are pretty much identical and you will not see any increase or decrease in performance when changing from one drive to the other. WD will fulfil any logged RMA or reported faulty drive with a WD Gold drive until stocks are depleted, at which time they will fulfil any requests with the HGST DC Ultrastar series.

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