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The Black Friday Sale has started at SPAN.COM!

If you have been looking for the right time to buy your first NAS this 2020, then you would be hard pushed to find a better time than Black Friday. Starting on Friday 27th through till Monday 30th November (Cyber Monday), many of our deals have already live this week, so fast shopping is going to be important. Remember that all the savings and prices are only available as long the stock does – so you better be quick. Prices below are shown without VAT and are valid until midnight on 30/11/20. Happy Shopping and have a great weekend.

Our VERY BEST NAS Black Friday Deals

BEST of the Rest
NAS Black Friday Deals

Finally, you need to consider which media you are going to use inside your new NAS Drive. The type of media you use will dictate many factors, from the speed of your internal/external access to the overall maximum capacity you will see in the right RAID configuration. Ultimately, The more staff you employ, the more customers you convert, the more cameras you station on your premises - the more DATA you create. With data growing constantly alongside legal requirements to keep some data for years and delete others, having enough capacity to ensure reliable and safe data governance is paramount. Hard Drive media is now at a scale that you can store upto 18 Terabytes of data on a single drive, so there is alot to choose from. Don't forget, you can take advantage of our FREE inclusive build and test services on any NAS drive that is purchased with HDD or SSD media, so we can completely build your NAS for you, configure and build your RAID, test your storage media, install all firmware updates and ensure you receive your NAS ready to go, straight out of the box.

Thanks for choosing SPAN for your storage needs and don't forget that if you are looking for something a tad more bespoke, you can contact us HERE and one of our tech advisors can get to work on arranging something more suitable for your needs. Thanks for visiting us at SPAN.COM, take care and be safe.

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