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Our Review: 5/5
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Price ex.VAT:£710.00
Price inc.VAT:£852.00



DESIGN rating score 8.00

FEATURES rating score 9.00

PERFORMANCE rating score 8.00

rating score 9.00
Qnap TS-653B-8G PROS

design6-Bay NAS devices are always slightly ignored in the broader technological community. Pricing for them generally means that you feel you could buy a 4-Bay and put the saved money towards bigger HDD. Or you think if I just spend a tiny bit more, I can buy an 8-Bay NAS. However in the case of teh TS-653B NAS, QNAP have managed to hit the design and the cost for this 6-Bay perfectly. Alot of this is down to that compact and mostly plastic chassis. Managing to be quiter than more likewise sized NAS, the TS-653B also gives you the functionality and connectivity of a 8-Bay, whilst still saving you space, energy consumption and money. Easy in my TOP 3 6-Bay NAS of all time.
featuresAs already mentioned in the TS-253B and TS-453B, this NAS is the produt of years of design and innovation from QNAP. It manages to be both small, yet feature (or let you upgrade to) almost every conceivable connection type. With features like Dual HDMI, DUAL LAN, PCIe Slot, SD Card reader, Quick Connect DAS, one touch USB 3.0 Copy, Hot Swapping, new and improved remote control and more. This is fast becoming the home and SMB NAS that those looking for the perfect balance of storage capacity vs physical size and ability will choose this 2017.
performanceThe QNAP TS-653B arrives with the new and fast Intel Celeron J series CPU and 4/8GB of RAM means that it will handle most of the popular NAS tasks required of it. Functions, services and applications like Plex, Kodi over HDMI in Linux Station, VMs, standalone surveillance, all RAID levels, DLNA support, apple time machine, Mac and Windows full RTRRR, QVR Pro Beta are all possible with the TS-453B and can be set up quickly and easily. You will be looking at an excellent degree of future proofing in this NAS server.
valueWhen I first heard about this NAS back in Feb 2017 at a Photography tradeshow, I was interested. When it was on show at ITPartners 2017 expo, I was impressed. When it was on display at CeBit 2017 I was excited and now I am fully set consider this and the TS-253B and TS-453B to be real game changers for many this year. It really comes down to this and the TS-c53A Series for your NAS needs. Step up Synology, time to fight back on this!
Qnap TS-653B-8G CONS

designFor those who prefer a litte more metal in their hardware, you may well wish to opt for the QNAP TS-653A. What it lacks in connectivity, it gains in almost 95% metal design.
featuresThere is still no denying that for many users, 6-Bays is just not the right number and will fast make the switch to TS-453B NAS.
performanceLacking popular options like Thunderbolt 3 and 10GBe (though that can be added with a PCIe card in the PCIe x8 slot on the back) and this may be a dealbreaker for some.
valueOnce again, many will be put off by the plastic and lack of Thunderbolt 3 connectivity and will consider skiping this in favour of the TVS-1282 series.


Brand Qnap
Series Desktop NAS
Model TS-653B-8G

TS-653B-8G Spec Information

RAM/Cache 8GB
Guarantee 2yr
Processor Intel Celeron J3455 Quad Core 1.5 GHz (up to 2.3 GHz)
CPU Mark (cpubenchmark.net) 2215
Total Drives 6

TS-653B-8G Spec Connections

sub- connectionI/EQuantity
SATASATA 7-pin Discrete with PowerInternal6
USB3USB3 type A (host)External4


TS-653B-8G Speed


SPANTV on Youtube featuring TS-653B

Qnap TS-653B-8G youtube video The QNAP TS-653B-8G 6-Bay NAS for 2017 Unboxing and Walkthough
Qnap TS-653B-8G youtube video Synology DS1618+ vs QNAP TS-653B NAS Comparison
Qnap TS-653B-8G youtube video The QNAP TS-253B, TS-453B and TS-653B NAS for Plex, DLNA, VM, Home and Business

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Qnap Desktop NAS TS 653B 8G reviews

21/09/2020 | Guest | GB Flag |
What is the maximum storage TS-653B-8G NAS can handle?
It is better to ask SPAN for free compatibility checks. But as today you could fill it with 6X 18TB Seagate Ironwolf. This would give you a total raw storage of 108TB
20/09/2020 | Guest | GB Flag |
Can I use any drives with this NAS?
Yes, but we would recommend to use WD Red or Seagate Ironwolf. They consume less energy and generate less vibration and noise.
19/09/2020 | Guest | GB Flag |
Can I add a 2TB HDD and a 2nd one later with RAID1?
Yes, you can migrate from Basic single disk to RAID 1
18/09/2020 | Guest | GB Flag |
Can I upgrade the RAM on this NAS?
Looking at the specs, this NAS should allow RAM upgrade. Ask SPAN.COM for free compatibility checks.
17/09/2020 | Guest | GB Flag |
Can this be used as a Plex server on its own?
Yes, this NAS should have an App available to install and run Plex independently.
16/09/2020 | Guest | GB Flag |
Is this enclosure suitable for a SSD - such as Samsung EVO SATA III SSD
Yes, it will work with Samsung, WD or Seagate SSD. In fact this will improve the internal speed and make apps run faster.
20/12/2017 | Greg | GB Flag |
I love if because of pci slot- i can upgrade it with SSD cache or 10GBE network card.

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