QNAP TS-130 1-Bay Desktop NAS
QNAP TS-130 1-Bay Desktop NAS
QNAP TS-130 1-Bay Desktop NAS
QNAP TS-130 1-Bay Desktop NAS
QNAP TS-130 1-Bay Desktop NAS
QNAP TS-130 1-Bay Desktop NAS
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QNAP TS-130 1-Bay Desktop NAS

QNAP TS-130 1-Bay NAS


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TS-130 Budget-friendly Home NAS for file storage and multimedia streaming with Snapshot protection

Lightweight, quiet, and versatile, the TS-130 is the perfect entry-level Home NAS. Coated in a shade of elegant baby blue, the TS-130 comfortably fits into your living environment to create a smarter home for file storage and entertainment. By centrally storing and backing up files to the TS-130 you can easily access, sync, and share them with your devices and protect them from viruses and ransomware with Snapshots. A complete home entertainment portal also awaits, allowing you to stream and share photos, music, and videos with family and friends. Create a smart digital home now with the TS-130!

  • An entry-level Home NAS with snapshot protection, allowing you to protect files and data from accidental deletion and malware attacks.

  • Centrally store photos, music, and videos; easily browse, organize, and share multimedia files, and enjoy video streaming for greater entertainment.

  • Use HBS to back up or sync NAS files to remote or cloud storage space for reliable data backup and restoration.

  • Remotely access, manage, and share NAS files via the Internet using the myQNAPcloud service.

  • Serves as your secure private cloud and supports user account protection, IP blocking, 2-step verification, encryption access, and more.

  • Flexibly scale your total storage capacity by connecting USB expansion enclosures (TR-004 or TL-D800C).

Available Models

  1. TS-130?Realtek RTD1295 ARM? Cortex-A53 quad-core 1.4 GHz processor, 1GB DDR4 RAM


Sleek and stylish design

Adorned with a refreshing baby blue colour, the minimal and slim TS-130 fits anywhere in your home. Let the TS-130 help you create a smarter home for greater productivity and boundless entertainment.

Effective cooling fan for heat flow

The TS-130 is small in size (187.5mm high, 66.1mm wide, and 157.6mm in depth) and requires only 7.3W, providing powerful features without impacting your energy bill. The 5 cm cooling fan assists in maintaining high system performance with minimal disruptive sound.


Compact feature-rich NAS for home and everyday use

Powered by Realtek RTD1295 quad-core 1.4 GHz processor, built-in 1 GB DDR4 RAM, one Gigabit LAN port, and supports SATA 6Gb/s hard drives, the TS-130 provides dependable read/write performance for running various personal and home NAS applications. The TS-130 features AES-NI 256 hardware-accelerated encryption for both full NAS volumes and shared folders, boosting system performance while securing sensitive data stored in the TS-130.


Tips for a more productive work day

The TS-130 provides a smart NAS solution for professionally managing files by integrating rich apps for storing, synchronizing, searching, and archiving files. You can easily access files on various devices (including USB storage and mobile phones), instantly synchronize files with friends? or colleague?s devices, quickly find specific files, and automatically organize your documents and media files. The TS-130 helps you save time while being more efficient and productive.

Always remember to back up your data

The TS-130 provides a flexible backup and disaster recovery solution, including snapshots that record the system status and data. You can easily restore data back to any point of time with snapshots or backup files whenever needed.

  • Windows? and Mac? backup

    Backup/restore files from Windows? computers with the license-free QNAP NetBak Replicator utility. Time Machine? is fully supported for backing up Mac? computers.

  • Uses HBS for cloud backup

    HBS consolidates backup, restore, and synchronization for easily transferring data from the TS-130 to another QNAP NAS or cloud storage space for double protection.

  • Instant snapshots

    Snapshots are essential for NAS data protection and restoration. The TS-130 supports up to 16 snapshots per volume/LUN, and up to 32 snapshots per NAS.

A snapshot a day keeps ransomware away

Snapshots provide a dependable method for protecting data in the face of growing ransomware threats. Use Snapshot Manager to manage storage spaces for snapshots, while also creating Snapshot Replica tasks to save snapshots to another NAS for double protection. If files become infected, you can easily restore them to an earlier state using a Snapshot.

Comprehensive home entertainment with flexible multimedia streaming

Make the TS-130 your home multimedia hub for streaming photos, music, and videos to all your devices!

Note: For using Plex to stream or play non-H.264 videos, QNAP recommends x86 (Intel or AMD processor) NAS devices.

  • Install Plex? Media Server app to stream media files from the TS-130 to mobile devices, DLNA? devices, and TVs using common media streaming devices including Roku?, Apple TV? (via Qmedia), Google Chromecast?, and Amazon Fire TV?.
  • Qmedia allows music, photos and videos to be streamed to Android TV?, Apple TV? (via Qmedia), Amazon Fire TV?, and set-top boxes.


Easy and fun photo management with QuMagie

QuMagie is a photo management application that allows you to easily manage and find photos using its built-in timeline scroll, customizable folder covers, iOS? Live Photos display, and powerful search tool (such as using Tags). By using the QuMagie Mobile App and enabling the “Auto upload” function, your photos can be automatically uploaded to the TS-130 as soon as they are taken.


Easy and secure remote connection with myQNAPcloud

Wherever you are, myQNAPcloud allows you to be always connected to your TS-130 via the Internet by using a unique domain name. It is easy, secure, and convenient to access, manage, and share NAS data as you do not have to worry about complex routing settings. myQNAPcloud also strengthens keys on SSL Certificates to 2048-bits, ensuring the security of remote access.

Protect your data with higher security

The TS-130 is loaded with comprehensive security features to keep your data safe.

??Security Counselor:?A security portal for the TS-130 that scans for weaknesses and offers recommendations for enhancing NAS security. It also integrates anti-virus and anti-malware scanning software.
??IP blocking:?Operates policy-based automatic IP blocking of suspicious IP addresses. You can also block specific IP addresses to strengthen system security and reduce the risk of malicious attacks over the Internet.
??2-step verification:?When activated, anyone who logs in to the TS-130 must enter a one-time verification code after their username and password.
??Notification Center: Consolidates system logs and notifications of all NAS apps, facilitating smooth and easy NAS management. You can receive notifications via emails, SMS, instant messages, and push notifications (through the Qmanager mobile app and web browsers).


All these NAS functions on the go

The TS-130 has a multitude of companion mobile apps to extend its functionality to your smartphones and tablets. Whether you’re on the go for business trips or traveling, your files and data are only a few taps away.

  • Qfile allows you to remotely access NAS files, freeing you from having to carry important data on USB thumb drives. Files can also be downloaded to your mobile devices for offline reading.
  • Qmanager takes the hassle out of managing multiple NAS by allowing you to remotely monitor system status, shutdown/restart the NAS, and pause/run downloads and backup tasks.
  • With Qsync Pro, you can easily sync files between your NAS and devices. By enabling ?Space-saving mode? on the NAS with Qsync, files from your NAS will not be transferred to your mobile device unless you try to open it, helping to save cellular data usage and device space.
  • Securely and easily connect to your TS-130 using a VPN from your mobile device with QBelt, PPTP, OpenVPN, L2TP protocols.

Expand your storage capacity with HybridMount

HybridMount allows you to flexibly expand your storage capacity by connecting to cloud storage. You can leverage QTS apps to manage and edit your cloud files or monitor multimedia files.

Extend hardware warranty up to 5 years

The TS-130 is backed by a 2-year warranty at no additional cost. You can purchase a warranty extension that extends your warranty coverage up to 5 years.

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