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Stock code
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27/07/2006 | | GB Flag |
The MK4004GAH inside my beloved and trusty iRiver iHP-140 was dying (tak-tak-tak sounds, read errors, ewww), and there was no way I would get rid of that player, it's perfect (Rockbox powered). Thanks to the Gods of technology, Toshiba came out with larger drives using the same form factor, the best way to give your player a second life cycle at a fair price. came out to be the best deal to order this drive, pricing-wise. Shipping was blazing fast (2 days delivery to France, insane) and the packaging perfectly shock-proof. Thanks to them for that.

Replacement was pretty easy, as long as you are gentle and you know what you're doing (there are tutorials on how to do that, just type "ihp hdd replacement" in google and click "I'm Feeling Lucky"). Once in place, all you have to do is format it in FAT32 (SwissKnife v3 does that in a breath) and you're good to go.

It's not only larger than the MK4004GAH, it's also quieter and faster. I suppose it's a bit less consuming either.

So in a word, go for it! you won't be disappointed. Thanks again to for the quality of their service.
25/07/2006 | | GB Flag |
This hard disk runs truly silent! It is now part of my silent Personal Video Recorder. Excellent advice from span to enable me to connect it to a "standard" IDE 40 pin (Desktop style) interface.
21/07/2006 | | GB Flag |
Great product! Works perfectly in my iriver IHP-140.
20/07/2006 | | GB Flag |
I recently purchased this hard disc for use in my iRiver h140. After the hard disc stopped working the choices were to get a new mp3 player or try to repair my old one, any users of the iRiver H1xx will know that they are one of the best players around. This repair may be made to any H1x or H3x, however, this drive will only fit the H1/340 models and will not fit the 20Gb models.

I live in Ireland, and after long searching I found that Spans offer was one of the best going. I ordered the device and recived it the very next day.

The repair it self was easy. Firstly I insured the unit was fully charged down. I then used a Trox 5 screwdriver to take the 4 screws out of the top and bottom of the H140, then pulled the two silver caps off each end of the device. This allowed me to pull the black plastic covers off the unit. I took care not to damage the battery lead or the battery itself which is directly attached to the inside of the rear cover. I removed the black foam at the power socket end of the unit and then pulled the blue rubber protection off the hard disk itself. I gently wiggled the HDD out of the plug and then replaced it with the new 60Gb HDD. I had to tilt the HDD slightly up to do this. I then replaced the blue rubber protection. This was not a perfect fit, but when the device was reassembled it held in place. I also replaced the black foam at the power socket end and reassembled the player. In all the operation took about 5 minutes. I then had to format the disk. I turned on the device (for those who use the Rockbox firmware it is important to press the record and on button to boot to the iRiver firmware). I connected the player to my PC via the USB. I then downloaded the free software Swiss knife tool to format the HDD I made sure that I formated it to FAT32, as the player does not recognise NTFS. The unit was then ready to use.

As far as I know, the operation is ver similer when upgrading the H340. You will however void your iRiver warentty, so please if you do follow these instructions do so with care and only if you are sure you know what you are doing.
06/07/2006 | | GB Flag |
Bought this drive for a Toshiba Portege R100 and installed it with no problems. The drive automatically partitions the drive into two 30Gb spaces which was also handy! Buy this as an altenative to the 40Gb drive - it's worth it and easier to source! Delivery was prompt (next day as promised) and I most certainly will use Worldspan for future orders.
05/07/2006 | | GB Flag |
I recived the hd vary fast, in a great package. I put the hd in my ipod, i change the old 40gb broken with the new 60gb. All is ok, wonderful!
29/06/2006 | | GB Flag |
I placed an ordered of Toshiba 1.8" ATA6 Emerald MK4006GAH 40GB and realised that delivery will take 3 days, and called to change to Toshiba 1.8" ATA6 Emerald MK6006GAH 60GB which was very wise to do and go it next day early morning, Thank you guys, my Sharp PC-MM1100 notebook is dancing with its new hard drive a jumpt from 15GB to 60GB wooooow!!

Said Othman
01/06/2006 | | GB Flag |
slotted straight into my (out of warranty!) iRiver H340.

Great item, noticeably fast compared to many other drives I have used.
23/05/2006 | | GB Flag |
Great Micro Hard Drive, fast and quiet.
28/04/2006 | | GB Flag |
bought this to replace the 40G hdd in my iriver. very happy with the service and of course the drive was exactly what i needed!
03/11/2005 | | GB Flag |
Got this drive to replace a faulty one in my iAudio M3, and it works
perfectly. I now have a 60Gb player instead of 40Gb.
09/06/2005 | | GB Flag |
got the drive and put it in my iriver PMP120.

Now the device seems faster (prob due to the old one being ATA5 and this is ATA6).

Had no probs with the drive. All good.

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