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Stock code
Quick code52840

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22/04/2018 | | EU Flag |
We have been using the TS-253A for some time as a small business device. I have come back to look at options for a larger NAS but looking at this page with fondness. This has been a loyal machine never failing what was asked to do. But we need more capacity and have more users now so something a bit larger needed.
24/03/2018 | | EU Flag |
The QNAP TS=253A is a very hard worker. More powerful than its tiny frame suggests and when populated with Segate HDs really picks up on work speed. If you have a small space but need something workable this is well worth consideration.
10/02/2018 | | EU Flag |
A powerful machine in a teeny box all from the unbeatable star that is QNAP! 8GM RAM, Intel Celeron Quad Core.
07/02/2018 | | EU Flag |
I have the 2bay 8gig option of this Qnap TS-253. It was easy to put together and get up and running and the Intel Celeron CPU is particularly impressive compared to others in the same 2 bay range.
16/02/2017 | | GB Flag |
Hi I"m planning to replace ny dying Synology DS411 for a QNAP. Before I decide I was wondering if in QNAP you can find an equivalent offline access to files from iphone like the one that I get using DS CLoud app. Thanks

Thank you for your enquiry FD

I can confirm that QNAP has their own version of this file manager and have integrated similar functionality into their QFile application. See the decription below from the iTunes and Android App. Thank you for contacting us at SPAN.COM.

Ever wanted to browse and manage files stored on your QNAP NAS with your Android mobile device? The free Qfile app is the perfect answer. 
- Android 4.0 or later
- QNAP NAS running QTS 4.0.0 or later

Major features of Qfile:
- Access files on the QNAP NAS anytime, anywhere.
- Upload your photos and documents directly from mobile devices to the QNAP NAS.
- Easy sharing: Create a download link for files to share and send it via email or SMS, or simply email the file as an attachment.
- Easy management: Move, copy, rename or delete files on the QNAP NAS, all via your mobile device. No computer required.
- Offline file reading: Qfile provides a simple way for downloading files from the QNAP NAS to mobile devices for offline reading.

Other features:
1. Support displaying photo thumbnail. ( QTS 4.0 and above support all share folder)
2. Support control playback from NAS to Apple TV. (NAS must install QAirplay QPKG) 
3. Support control playback from NAS to DLNA device. (DLNA control only support QNAP Media Server on QTS 4.0)
4. Support for file compression (zip / unzip, and for QTS 4.0 and above only.)
5. Support for changing the download folder on an external SD card.
6. Support for sharing folders with sharing download links (QTS 4.0 and above only.)

Kind regards,

SPAN.COM tech team
10/11/2016 | | GB Flag |
Can you use a QNAP NAS to allow family to access a photo gallery like Picassa/Google? I am drawn to the QNAP to upgrade from a ZyXel NSA325 which had a 3rd party Gallery app and Wordpress feature. I need remote access to files whilst away from home so is the Synology a better option? I'm rather drawn towards the QNAP TS253A as I have interest in video files and although currently produce 1080p from my DSLR a future proof for 4K may be worth considering. Have used many of your reviews and am grateful for the even handed approach you have, thank you. Steve

You should be able to create connections and migration between cloud platforms via the NAS OS or the Apps i nhe App store.

SPAN.COM tech team
10/11/2016 | | GB Flag |
Is this a good inte for mediacenter? For plex or the app infuse on a Apple tv 4?? I have a synology Ds216+. But the synology do lagg whatching movies.
It makes an excellent media centre - I use it for both Plex and Kodi locally -

SPAN.COM tech team
12/09/2016 | | AR Flag |
todo correcto, muy rápida la entrega desde uk hasta argentina.
09/02/2016 | | GB Flag |
Recommendations on SSD or HD?

For a Hard Drive, the best drive for capacity vs price vs performance at the moment for me is the WD Red 4TB found here - For SSD , I would go with the Samsung 850 PRO here - Samsung SSD 850 Pro MZ-7KE1T0BW 2.5" SATA 6Gb/s 1TB SSD Hope this helps!

SPAN.COM tech team
09/02/2016 | | GB Flag |
I'm really thinking about one of these units, but am unsure on which way to connect it to get the best performance. It's primary use would be next to my 5k iMac to store raw photos for editing. (Will also be used to store movies for Plex) am I best connecting via usb 3.0? Or net work? Help please. Good videos btw, have watched a lot of your stuff to help me decide. :)

unfortunately the USB ports are used for slave/external devices whereby the NAS acts as a you cannot connect a Mac in this manner. So, I think the decision was made for you. That said, if you connected this device with 2 ethernet cables to a netowrk switch or good router, you would have exceptional increases in transmission speed and would still see 'network' as the better interface (even better if you bought the TS-453A with 4x LAN ports)...barring any heavy load on your network, you may even be able to edit those files in realtime over the network that live on the unit.

SPAN.COM tech team
02/12/2015 | | GB Flag |
Great HW for this device! As always Qnap is superior. But, is it able to handle H265 HEVC files? That is now the main difference between devices, lot of people is getting interested at this.

We will be receiving units in the TS-X53A range shortly and will be conducting tests on file formats and compatibility for out YouTube Information channel. However in the meantime I can confirm that the CPU in this NAS (The Intel Celeron Braswell N3150 1.6 GHz Quad Core with bursts up to 2.08GHz) does indeed suppport H.265 HEVC. Please find more information in the specs above.

SPAN.COM tech team

* Image courtesy of stockimages at

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