QNAP LIC-SW-SURVEILLANCE-1CH software license/upgrade Base 1 license(s)
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QNAP LIC-SW-SURVEILLANCE-1CH software license/upgrade Base 1 license(s)


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Surveillance Station
Professional Network Video Recorder (NVR)
The Surveillance Station is professional network surveillance Video Management System (VMS). Being one of the Turbo NAS standard applications, the Surveillance Station can be activated on the QTS App Center to turn the Turbo NAS into a professional Network Video Recorder (NVR) system for real-time monitoring, recording, playback, alarm notifications, Intelligent Video Analytics (IVA), and management to safeguard your assets and property when used with supported IP cameras.

License type Base
License quantity 1 license(s)
Compatibility D2 Pro, D4 Pro, HS-453DX, S2, TS-251+, TS-251B, TS-253B, TS-253Be, TS-451+, TS-453B, TS-453Be, TS-453BT3, TS-453BU, TS-453BU-RP, TS-463XU, TS-463XU-RP, TS-473, TS-653B, TS-673, TS-677, TS-853BU, TS-853BU-RP, TS-863XU, TS-863XU-RP, TS-873, TS-873U, TS-873U-RP, TS-877, TS-877XU, TS-877XU-RP, TS-883XU, TS-883XU-RP, TS-963X, TS-977XU, TS-977XU-RP, TS-983XU, TS-983XU-RP, TS-1253BU, TS-1253BU-RP, TS-1263XU, TS-1263XU-RP, TS-1273U, TS-1273U-RP, TS-1277, TS-1277XU-RP, TS-1283XU-RP, TS-1673U, TS-1673U-RP, TS-1677X, TS-1677XU-RP, TS-1683XU-RP, TS-1685, TS-2477XU-RP, TS-2483XU-RP, TS-2888X, TVS-472XT, TVS-473e, TVS-672XT, TVS-673e, TVS-872XT, TVS-872XU-RP, TVS-873e, TVS-951X, TVS-972XU-RP, TVS-1272XU-RP, TVS-1672XU-RP, TVS-2472XU-RP

Key features

  • 1 Camera License Activation Key for Surveillance Station Pro

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