QNAP QXP-1600ES interface cards/adapter Internal Mini-SAS
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QNAP QXP-1600ES interface cards/adapter Internal Mini-SAS


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The QXP SATA expansion cards are designed for QNAP’s TL series JBOD storage enclosures that support SATA drives. Expand storage capacity easily by installing a QXP SATA expansion card into the PCIe slot of a QNAP NAS or Windows®/ Ubuntu (Linux) PC, and then connect the TL series JBOD storage enclosures using an SFF-8088 (or SFF-8644) cable. The low-profile card form-factor allows QXP SATA expansion cards to be compatible with a wide variety of NAS, computers, and servers.

Supports QNAP NAS and Windows/Ubuntu PCs
Each SFF-8088 or SFF-8644 (internal) connector on the QXP SATA expansion card supports up to four SATA drives. A suitable QXP card can be installed based on the number of drives you want to connect for storage expansion. For example, a NAS or PC can have two 4-port QXP-400eS cards installed, with one card connected to a 4-bay tower TL-D400S JBOD enclosure and the other card connected to a 4-bay rackmount TL-R400S. Alternatively, both cards can be connected to a single 8-bay tower TL-D800S JBOD enclosure. A NAS or PC with a single QXP-400eS card installed can also connect to an 8-bay TL JBOD storage enclosure that has only 1-4 drives installed.

Hard to find SAS Expansion Cards? Try QXP SATA Expansion Cards!
When connecting Windows and Ubuntu (Linux) hosts to SAS JBOD for expanding storage capacity, enterprises often choose SATA drives because there are few SAS expansion cards on the market. QXP SATA expansion cards not only support QNAP TL SATA JBOD and QNAP SAS JBOD (EJ series, REXP series) but also third-party SAS JBOD. You can easily expand the storage capacity of a server/host by installing a QXP SATA expansion card and connecting the SAS JBOD using an SFF-8088 (or SFF-8644) cable with Windows and Ubuntu (Linux) PCs software RAID configuration.

QNAP JBOD Manager for Windows/Ubuntu users
The QNAP JBOD Manager utility allows Windows and Ubuntu (Linux) PC users to monitor the status of fans, system temperature, and drive information of TL series JBOD storage enclosures.

Ports & interfaces
Internal Yes
Internal mini-SAS ports 4
Output interface Mini-SAS
Host interface PCIe
Expansion card standard PCIe 3.0
Internal Yes
System requirements
Windows operating systems supported Windows 10,Windows 8,Windows 8.1
Linux operating systems supported Yes
Server operating systems supported Windows Server 2012 R2
Weight & dimensions
Width 119.7 mm
Depth 68.9 mm
Height 17.2 mm
Packaging data
Mounting brackets included Yes
Quantity 1
Packaging content
Mounting brackets included Yes
Quantity 1

Key features

  • 16x SATA III
  • 4x SFF-8644
  • 119.65x68.9x17.24 mm

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