Synology DiskStation DS1821+ 8-Bay NAS Enclosure
Synology DiskStation DS1821+ 8-Bay NAS Enclosure
Synology DiskStation DS1821+ 8-Bay NAS Enclosure
Synology DiskStation DS1821+ 8-Bay NAS Enclosure
Synology DiskStation DS1821+ 8-Bay NAS Enclosure
Synology DiskStation DS1821+ 8-Bay NAS Enclosure
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Synology DiskStation DS1821+ 8-Bay NAS Enclosure

8-Bay, 2x 1GbE (4 GB DDR4 ECC SODIMM)

Synology Desktop DiskStation NAS

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Custom Spanstor Build & Test

As part of our Spanstor Build & Test services, any enclosure bought with drives, we will include all firmware installations, physical drive installations, RAID/cache configurations and drive bad-sector checks, all at no additional cost. If you have any questions, please contact our friendly sales team by chat, phone or email.

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High-capacity storage and data protection for anyone

Synology DiskStation DS1821+ is a powerful 8-bay network-attached storage solution designed to store and protect mission-critical data. Designed to tackle increasing amounts of unstructured data, the low-noise desktop form-factor of the DS1821+ is built for both SOHO and SMB environments. With performance over 110K or 177% higher 4K random read IOPS than its predecessor,
the DS1821+ is fast, with ample room for scalability.

Versatile Storage Powerhouse in a Single Solution

Synology DS1821+ is designed for multi-purpose use and is suitable for a wide range of usage environments. The compact 14 L desktop form factor makes it easy to store away whether it is at home or in a quiet office environment.

? Up to 113,458 4K random read IOPS and 2312 MB/s sequential write speeds1 for demanding workloads
? Dual M.2 2280 slots for NVMe SSD let you maximize performance and capacity efficiently
? Features 8 bays for SATA HDD/SSD 2.5″ and 3.5″ drives, and can be expanded to 18 bays with two Synology DX517 expansion units
? Powered by Synology DiskStation Manager (DSM), Synology’s unified operating system built for data management

Robust Data Protection with Btrfs

DS1821+ supports a Btrfs file system optimized by Synology to offer both high reliability and high performance. Btrfs supports advanced storage technologies that meet the needs of modern business:

? Advanced snapshot technology provides schedulable and near-instantaneous data protection of shared folders and LUNs
? File and folder level data restoration offers users who wish to restore only a specific file or folder more flexibility
? Flexible Shared Folders and user quota system provides comprehensive quota control for all user accounts and shared folders
? File self-healing allows Btrfs file systems to autodetect corrupted files using mirrored metadata and to recover broken data using RAID configurations
? Inline compression compresses data before writing it to the drive, to optimize storage use and reduce write commands to the drives

On-Premises Collaboration

Synology Collaboration Suite allows businesses to host their own fundamental IT services for file sharing, concurrent document editing, emails, instant messaging, and more. Create a multi-user collaborative environment while leveraging private cloud infrastructure to reduce privacy concerns. Multi-layered security enables secure access to files and services, even for a distributed or remote workforce across Windows?, macOS?, Linux?, Android?, and iOS platforms.

? Synology Drive enables data access, synchronization, and backup via a web portal and desktop applications across Windows?, macOS?, and Linux? platforms. Intelliversioning saves historical versions while minimizing storage space usage and supports on-demand data restoration.

? Synology Office includes Documents, Spreadsheets, and Slides. The online collaborative editing environment allows multiple users to edit, comment on, and share data together.

? Synology MailPlus5 enables you to set up a secure, reliable, and private email server, with an intuitive web-based client to boost productivity

? Synology Chat enables instant conversations and optimizes team communications with powerful features including message encryption, pinning, forwarding, reminders, and scheduling.

? Synology Calendar helps teams keep track of what is important, with easy-to-use?sharing and scheduling keeping everyone on the same page.

Running & Protecting Virtual Machines

Synology Virtual Machine Manager (VMM)is a hosted hypervisor that lets users easily set up virtual machines running Windows? or Linux?- based platforms and a virtualized version of Synology DSM, Virtual DSM, on the DS1821+. Users can set up a cluster environment with multiple Synology systems for flexibility to perform online migration based on load balancing and resource allocation requirements. High-performance snapshots, replication, cloning, and recovery mechanisms enable comprehensive management and data protection on each VM.

DSM also simplifies the provisioning and management of storage for virtual machines. Certified for VMware? vSphere?, Microsoft? Hyper-V?, Citrix? XenServer?, and OpenStack, Synology systems can integrate with your virtualization platform of choice through iSCSI or NFS protocols. Install Synology Storage Console for VMware/Windows for additional ease of management and functionality right in the hypervisor.

Comprehensive Data Protection Options

DS1821+ includes a range of free backup solutions to protect local, remote, and cloud-based applications. Easily set up automated backups and even enable self-serve functionality to reduce maintenance and upkeep.

? Back up data on Synology NAS: Snapshot Replication enables lightning-fast snapshots for point-in-time file versioning, great for rolling back unintended file modifications and protecting your data against ransomware attacks. Hyper Backup offers a wide range of destinations for backups of your NAS, including to on-premises devices and cloud storage providers.

? Back up business infrastructure: Synology Active Backup suite is a collection of powerful backup solutions built to protect Windows PCs and servers, VMware and Hyper-V VMs, other file servers, and even Google Workspace and Microsoft 365 cloud applications.

Private Video Surveillance

With Synology Surveillance Station, DS1821+ becomes a powerful VMS solution. With support for up to 40 IP cameras, you can easily cover large installations.

? 7,900 supported cameras and counting: Find a compatible camera from our constantly updated compatibility lists to match your video requirements and budget. ONVIF support prevents vendor lock-in.

? Private and subscription-free: Unlike with cloud-based cameras, you can keep your recordings private and on-premises. Simple per-camera licensing means no subscriptions are needed to access your data.

? Flexible monitoring & control: Access your surveillance system from a web browser, dedicated desktop clients, or from the DS cam mobile app. Internet access is optional.

? Automation & notification: Set up rules to trigger specific actions when an event occurs, such as automatically taking a picture when motion detection is triggered. Get notified by email, SMS, or push notification so that you can act quickly.

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