NAS definition

What is NAS definition. NAS stands for Network-attached storage. It is device, connected to a computer network providing data access to a predefined group of people. It can have 1 or more hard drives built into them. More hard drives usually mean more storage space for your files. But it also can mean much faster file transfers from your NAS or transfers to it. And it gets better. More drives can mean better reliability too. You might have experienced broken backup drive or even computer. With NAS this would be no problem. If one hard drive gets broken, you will still be able to upload and download files as well as do other tasks you usually do. Data on NAS device is stored in so smart way that it can still work even with damaged drive. More drives you have- more of them can fail without causing an issue. All you have to do is replace the broken hard drive with new one and NAS system will automatically do the rest.

What can I use NAS for?

  • Automatic Data Backups for mobile devices and computers
  • Additional Storage Space
  • Extra storage for songs multi-room speakers
  • Easier Collaboration
  • Private Cloud
  • Media Server
  • Surveillance

So to sum it up, NAS by definition means storage device which is attached to network in order to access it from very same network or from internet.


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