Using Time Machine to Back Up your MacOS to a QNAP NAS via SMB

1.  Preparing your QNAP NAS by creating a user for Time Machine

1.a. Creating a new user for Time Machine is recommended, this gives you the option of setting a storage quota for each Mac/user. Go to Control Panel Privilege Create and select Create User.

1.b. Create a username and password (e.g. TimeMachine1). This account will be used for Time Machine backups on a single Mac.

1.c. Using a storage quota is highly recommended. To prevent the Mac from using too much disk space while backing up, set a storage quota amounting to your internal disk drive, or use QNAP’s suggested quota of two times your Mac.

1.d. Click ‘Create’ to create your new account

2. Creating Time Machine Shared Folder

2.a. In QTS, go to Control Panel > Privilege > Shared Folders > Create. Now, select ‘Shared Folder’ and a ‘Create a Shared Folder’ window will open.

2.b. Set a name for the folder and click on ‘Edit’

2.c. When configuring access privileges for the shared folder, select Read/Write for the user account and click ‘Create’.

2.d. Locate your shared folder in Control Panel > Privilege > Shared Folder, then click on ‘Edit Properties’.

2.e. Once in the Edit Properties window, select ‘Set this folder as the Time Machine backup folder (macOS) and click OK.

3. Configuring QTS so the OS can use SMB

3.a. In QTS, go to Control Panel > Network & File Services > Win/Mac/NFS > Microsoft Networking > Advanced Options.

3.b. In Advanced Options, select SMB 3.0 in the ‘Highest SMB Version’ drop down menu. When selected, click Apply to save your settings.

4. Setting up Time Machine to use QNAP NAS for Backup

4.a. Open Finder on your Mac.
4.b. In Finder open the ‘Go’ menu and click ‘Connect to Server’
4.c. Enter smb://<IP address of your QNAP>
4.d. When prompt with login, enter your username and password for the new Time Machine user.
4.e. Select the QNAP NAS shared backup folder created earlier in this guide.
4.f. Launch Time Machine on your MacOS.
4.g. Click ‘Select Backup Disk’ to specify a backup destination. Use the QNAP shared backup folder created, and click ‘Use Disk’.

4.h. When prompt to login, use the username and password for the Time Machine user, then click ‘Connect’.

4.i. You are now able to use Time Machine backup on your QNAP NAS.