• Automatic Data Backups for mobile devices and computers
  • Additional Storage Space
  • Extra storage for songs multi-room speakers
  • Easier Collaboration
  • Private Cloud
  • Media Server
  • Surveillance

So to sum it up, NAS by definition means storage device which is attached to network in order to access it from very same network or from internet.

Automatic Data Backups


You can use it as time machine backup for your Mac. Also you can back up your windows computer from anywhere in the world as log as you have internet. When your iPhone or Samsung phone or any other smartphone memory gets full, you can offload this media to your NAS drive, so its safe and still accessible like it was on your phone. Usually you would offload your videos or pictures on external backup drive. Problem with that is – you can not access this content without plugging this drive to your computer or TV. Even if you choose to use cloud to store your images and videos, you are limited with a price per gigabyte. Imagine monthly cost of Dropbox for storing 20 years of your memories. With NAS you are not having monthly subscription charges or speed limitation to access your data.

Additional Storage Space

Your phone or laptop memory is limited. Yes, you could copy some of your data to backup drive to clear up some space on your hard drive. But quite often you need to access all of your data frequently. NAS allows you store your data externally and yet still lets you access it from anywhere. And not just you. You can share your data with friends.

Extra storage for songs multi-room speakers


If you own multi room sound system like Sonos or Bose or any other network enabled sound system you might be limited with space or bandwidth. You can be limited to size of external storage device you are plugging into this sound system. Similarly if you are streaming audio from internet, you might be effected by ISP broadband maintenance works or issues on the server you are streaming music from. With NAS you always have available storage capacity and are not limited to your internet speed. Sonos like system will find NAS device with your music library in your private network and be able to play from it.

Easier Collaboration

Office (SpreadSheet)    Office (SpreadSheet)

You can share files with friends or colleges or even edit documents simultaneously when using NAS system. They have similar apps like Google office applications. You can edit or view previous version history on files like notes, documents, spreadsheets and calendars. It is good for teamwork in office. All of this is in you private secure cloud.

Private Cloud


Dropbox as well as G drive and One drive might become too expensive if you have lot of videos and pictures or other file to store. Lately security issues have scared us too. With your own NAS you choose what capacity you need. There is no monthly subscription charges or size limitations. Neither there is content limits. You choose what to store and how much of your data. And all of it will be safe and secure in your home or office. Your personal cloud storage owned by you.

Media Server

Media Server


Family videos, photos, songs and movies- all of them are useless if stored on some backup drive in a corner of the shelf. With a NAS you can not only back up your multimedia content but also access it on your TV, phone or tablet. You can even watch your personal videos or pictures at your friends house or on holiday. It is all securely protected with a password. That ways no one but you can access this content. You also can use third party software to organize your multimedia. You can use Plex or Kodi or other software. That will organize your content in easy accessible format so you do anything but enjoy your memories.



You might have wondered how to set up your own surveillance system for home or business. With NAS and IP cameras you can not only store the footage of surveillance but also organize and use it the best possible way. There are free surveillance apps included with most popular NAS systems. You can switch between cameras to view the live stream or playback recorded footage. Professional apps will even let you set up which areas at what time to be recorded. Its is made so simple that everyone could do that.

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