Delivery & Returns

At SPAN, we know that not everything goes according to plan every time.

So, in the unlikely event you need to return your item, please follow this guide to see how to correctly package your item to protect it from damage in transit. We recommend re-using the packaging we originally sent in to return the item/s.

  • Always take special care to protect the corners when packing your returning item. To prevent the item moving in transit, please make sure all four corners of the packaging are well filled, we recommend Styrofoam, high density foam or large amounts of bubble wrap. Also take special care to keep any loose items, such as power cables and keys, securely packed separate (in an individual box or jiffy bag). This prevents their movement in transit and possibly damaging fellow items.
  • All drives shipped from SPAN are shipped in a sealed anti-static bag or specially designed plastic closable hard drive shell. If you need to return a single hard drive, please ensure it is returned to us in the original drive packaging it was sent it. This will protect the item in transit and ensure the item can be returned to us in a resalable fashion.
  • As well as the drive being in an anti-static bag or plastic shell, we also ask you to return the item in at least two inches of protective material, surrounding the drive on all sides. A common method is wrapping the drive in bubble wrap (once again at least 2 inches thick around all sides) before placing the drive in a suitably sized outer box. We recommend you use the box the drive was originally shipped to you in as a means to send the item back.
  • When placing the drive in the shipping box, take special note of movement within the packaging. If you are utilizing the original packaging the item was sent to you in, then check that the foam/bubble wrap is not damaged or compromised from its original use. Once the protected drive is placed in the box, please ensure there is no movement of the item within the box. This will provide protection again movement in transit.
  • When sending back multiple drives, they will have most likely been shipped to you with bulk protection and this same bulk protection should be utilised when sending the item back. If you received your order in bulk packaging material, do still check that the original packaging was not compromised in its original transit to you. If you have any questions related to returning items to us and the best ways in which to package an item you intend to return to us, please do not hesitate to contact us¬†here at SPAN.


Cancellation and refund terms

  • You may cancel your order & return the goods to us within seven days of receipt.
  • Under the Distance Selling Regulations, you are required to inform us in writing of your intention to return items before doing so. The items must be unused, in a re-saleable condition, and it is your responsibility to return the goods to us in a safe & if necessary insured manner.
  • For consumer buyers, your refund will be the full purchase cost including standard delivery costs.
  • For business buyers, your refund will be the full purchase cost excluding delivery costs.
  • Charges incurred to us which are non-refundable, such as bank fees or non-reversible card transaction fees, will be excluded from any refund.
  • Items which are customised, built or manufactured specifically for your order, and items which we need to obtain specifically for your order, are returnable only after prior agreement, and will be subject to a restocking fee of up to 25%.
  • Extra charges that we incur at your request, such as upgraded delivery from our suppliers, customs charges and fees, or factory setup fees, will not be refundable.
  • You will be refunded within 30 days of the date we receive the goods back from you.