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Qnap TS-231P3-2G

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Quad-core 1.7GHz NAS with 2.5GbE and Feature-rich Applications for Home & Office

Powered by Annapurna Labs Alpine AL-314, quad-core 1.7 GHz processor, 2GB DDR3L RAM, one 1GbE LAN port and one 2.5GbE LAN port, the TS-231P3 features a 2.5GbE RJ45 port, providing up to 2.5 times the speed of regular Gigabit Ethernet and enabling smoother multimedia playback and everyday usage. The TS-231P3 ensures data security by supporting AES 256-bit encryption and various local/remote/cloud backup options – including snapshot protection that allows for files and data to be reverted to previously-recorded states if they are accidentally deleted, modified or affected by malware.

  • 1

    2.5GbE connectivity for smoother everyday use and multimedia playback.

  • 2

    HBS backs up and synchronizes NAS data to remote servers or cloud storage, while QuDedup deduplicates data at the source to optimize bandwidth and storage utilization.

  • 3

    Snapshots fully record the system status and data. If files are accidentally deleted or modified, they can be quickly restored to previously-recorded states.

Available Models


AnnapurnaLabs, an Amazon company Alpine AL314, 4-core, 1.7GHz, 2GB SODIMM DDR3


SMB Sequential Throughout (2.5 GbE x 1) Write


iSCSI Random 4K IOPS (2.5 GbE x 1) Write



Tested in QNAP Labs. Figures may vary by environment. Learn more about test environment.

Easy and Secure File Management

File Station allows direct management of files stored on the TS-231P3 and in the cloud. Users can easily upload files from their PC, drag/drop files between folders, rename/delete files, and configure file/folder permissions to prevent unauthorized access. Users can also use Microsoft Office Online to directly view/edit Microsoft Office documents stored on the TS-231P3. Confidential/sensitive data can also be encrypted to add extra security.

Multi-Point File Backup, Access, and Sync

The TS-231P3 supports file sharing protocols (including SMB/CIFS, AFP and NFS) for Windows®, Mac®, and Linux®/UNIX® devices. Coupled with Qsync (a utility that transforms a QNAP NAS into a secure, high-capacity data center for file synchronization) any file uploaded to the TS-231P3 becomes available for all linked devices (such as computers, laptops, and mobile devices). Hybrid Backup Sync helps backup/synchronize data on the TS-231P3 to another QNAP NAS, remote server, or cloud storage for disaster recovery. Additionally, QuDedup technology greatly improves the efficiency of multi-version backup to destination storage, while optimizing storage utilization. You can install the QuDedup Extract Tool on your computer and restore deduplicated files to their normal status.

Protect Important Data with Snapshots

Snapshots help protect data by fully recording the NAS system state and metadata. With snapshots, users can quickly restore files to previously-recorded states if files are accidentally deleted or modified, or if the system is compromised by malware. QNAP snapshots are block-based and only record modified data. Not only does this save storage space, but also reduces the time required to back up and restore data.

Take full control of NAS system status and data security

Notification Center consolidates all QTS system events and alerts, providing a single-app solution for notifications. Security Counselor recommends actions and settings to improve the TS-231P3 security.

Stay informed at all times

The Notification Center offers a single-app solution for QTS system events and alert notifications. This removes the need to configure different app settings and helps users streamline management processes and save time.

NAS security portal

Security Counselor checks for weaknesses and offers recommendations for users to protect their TS-231P3. It also integrates anti-virus and anti-malware software to ensure comprehensive data protection.

Comprehensive surveillance solution for 24/7 security

Surveillance Station features a user-friendly interface and supports over 3,000 IP cameras. With an expandable IP camera channel licensing system, users can build a comprehensive surveillance system for real-time monitoring, video and audio recording and playback. Budget-conscious users can also save money on cameras by using USB webcams to record footage. Surveillance feeds can be monitored at any time by using the Vmobile app on mobile devices.

  • 3,000 +

    Compatible IP cameras

  • 2

    Free IP camera channels

  • 16

    Expandable channels

  • QUSBCam2

    Use USB webcams as IP cameras

Extend NAS functionality with Containers and Apps

Container Station integrates LXC and Docker® lightweight virtualization technologies, allowing users to host and operate containerized applications directly on the TS-231P3. With many popular and fully-configured applications available from the built-in Docker Hub® (including for automation and multimedia), the TS-231P3 provides users with a vast array of potential functions and application capabilities.

The TS-231P3 also features apps for backup/sync, content management, communications, downloading, and entertainment. Every app can be installed from the QTS App Center with a single click.

Why do third-party containers installed using Container Station work intermittently on certain 32-bit ARM devices?

Multiply Your Productivity

The app-driven QTS operating system provides solutions for simplifying file backup, management, search, and more.

  • QmailAgent

    Centrally manage and switch between different email accounts, back up emails to the TS-231P3, and safeguard email security and personal privacy.

  • Notes Station 3

    Notes Station 3 provides the advantages of collaborative note-taking with improved productivity to provide higher efficiency for your workgroup.

  • Smart Filing

    Qfiling automates file organization. Files are automatically archived into folders based on your settings.

  • Full-Text Search

    Qsirch quickly finds images, music, videos, documents, emails, and other files.

Easy Photo Management with QuMagie-Enabled AI Automated Photo Categorization

QuMagie brings you a brand-new photo management experience. By integrating an AI deep-learning algorithm, QuMagie enables facial recognition, object identification, and geography tagging of photos on your NAS. Similar photos are grouped together in the AI Albums (i.e., People, Things, and Places). Other useful features include a built-in timeline scroll, customizable folder covers, and a powerful search tool, providing you with the ultimate photo management and sharing solution.

Flexible and economical storage expansion

QNAP provides easy storage capacity expansion solutions. Here are several ways to expand the TS-231P3 storage to accommodate data growth:

  • Upgrade RAID Capacity

    Hot-swap lower-capacity drives with larger-capacity drives to expand the TS-231P3.

  • Attach Expansion Enclosure

    Connect two RAID expansion enclosures (TR-004 or TR-002) or two USB 3.2 Gen 2 JBOD (TL-D800C) and use the QTS Storage & Snapshots Manager to handle NAS capacity expansion.

  • Migrate to a New NAS

    Install your NAS hard drives into a larger QNAP NAS and retain all your existing data and configurations.

Extend hardware warranty up to 5 years

The TS-231P3 is backed by a 2-year warranty at no additional costs. You can purchase a warranty extension that extends your warranty coverage up to 5 years.

Optional Accessories

  • FAN-7CM-T01


    DC Fan, 70*70*25mm, 12V, 4PIN

    Dimension (L × W × H): 18.60 × 14.10 × 4.00 (cm)

    Weight: 0.08 (kg)



    60W external power adapter

    Dimension (L × W × H): 4.00 × 14.00 × 18.50 (cm)

    Weight: 0.31 (kg)

  • QNA-UC5G1T

  • SCR-HDD25A-96


    Screw pack for 2.5″ HDD / SSD intallation, 96 pieces, Flat head machine screw

    Dimension (L × W × H): 0.10 × 11.80 × 12.80 (cm)

    Weight: 0.01 (kg)

  • SCR-HDD35B-96


    Screw pack for 3.5″ HDD intallation, 96 pieces, Flat head machine screw

    Dimension (L × W × H): 0.10 × 11.80 × 12.80 (cm)

    Weight: 0.03 (kg)

  • TRAY-35-WHT01


    3.5″ HDD Tray with key lock and two keys, white and plastic, 2.5″ and 3.5″ screw packs included.

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